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Happiness is intrinsically linked to your gut and so are a huge amount of other health, wellbeing and skin issues. But as humans, we all share a universal fear and embarrassment of the functions of the bowel even though science has proven it is the key to our overall wellbeing. (Even my Chihuahua looks embarrassed when she passes wind). Could it be that we are so terminally embarrassed by our own inner workings that we sometimes miss the most fundamental part of wellbeing?

Functional gut health has two stages. The first is to clear away the old and the second is to introduce the new. But most health and nutritional programmes go straight to step two which is why they are not as successful as they might be at balancing IBS, clearing skin problems, reducing bloating, aiding weight loss, balancing the gut, boosting mood, clearing brain fog. Considering how much scientific evidence exists about wellbeing and its link to the bowel, every practitioner who is serious about getting results should include functional gut health treatments such as colonics, probiotic enemas and food intolerance testing if they aim to correct the problem at source.

After 10 years of working with thousands of clients at Vitality Centre, I have come to believe this . And so I have written a book on the subject entitled "Lets Talk About Happiness - The Ultimate Guide To Functional Gut Health". This manual is for 100% free to download and is recommended as an educational tool for nutritional students, massage therapist, aesthetic beauty therapist and ordinary people who wish to empower and educate themselves and others on how to achieve wellbeing and restore balance through modern functional gut health practices.

It is the improvements in people that I have witnessed first-hand that have inspired me to keep going and to stay fascinated and determined to profile gut health and bring the internationally regulated training standard of I-ACT to Ireland, an endeavour which took 4 years, so that those who want to train in functional gut health treatments can now do so right here.

Ireland is leading the way in gut health research. In 2014 researchers at UCC took stool sample microbiomes from professional rugby players and found that they contained a richer diversity of gut microbes and a strain of bacteria linked to lower rates of obesity when compared to healthy but nonathletic men. (Perlmutter, 2011)

Science now recognises the gut as perhaps the most fundamental wellbeing organ of the entire body and this book aims to help you to use that knowledge to improve your wellbeing and teach others how to improve theirs.

Thank you to all my clients. You have been my teachers and my inspiration.

Yours in health
Frances Flannery
Pioneer of Functional Gut Health & Founder, Vitality Centre Clinic