Constipation & Flying

Have you ever wondered why you feel bloated and constipated as soon as you arrive at your much anticipated holiday destination. You may have spent months preparing yourself for your beach debut, but when the moment arrives to sleep into those shorts and bikinis, you are faced with the very unpleasant symptom of a distended tummy. "Of all the luck..." you think tossing aside the shorts and summer clothes that no longer fit you comfortably. But really, luck has very little to do with it at all.

Cabin Crew

If you work as a pilot or cabin crew, the chances of you experiencing IBS later in life are higher. That is a statistic that has come from years and years of experience and dealing with people of all professions. It is advised to undergo colonic hydrotherapy yearly to restore gut function and remove impaction so that IBS is less likely.

Why Does The Bowel Stop During Aeroplane Travel?

The bowel (gut) quite literally, has a mind of it own. The gut brain connection means that the bowel, although non a cognitive organ, produces 95% of the bodies seratonin. It responds to stress with increases and decreases of this production. One theory about the prevailence of constipation caused by aeroplane travel is that the gut brain senses something strange is afoot. You are flying at an altitude of 35K feet above the earths surface, after all. And so, your bowel switches off either due to cabin pressure or due to the change in altitude but most certainly due to the anxiety that many people experience as a result to flying. The fact is, nobody knows exactly why the bowel reacts to aeroplane travel in this way, but the simple fact is that, it does. Being informed and prepared will ensure that you can take the appropriate action so that your much deserved holiday goes smoothly.

How To Prevent Bowel (gut) Problems Affecting Your Travels

1. In advance of your holiday and especially if you are prone to constipation, book course of 3 treatments of colonic hydrotherapy. Have 2 treatments before you go, the last one being 1 day before you fly ideally.

2. During your flight, drink water and fast. Eat only fruit and drink herbal teas.

3. On arrival, take a ducolax tablet to let your bowel know that its safe to return to normal.

4. On your return, have another session of colonic hydrotherapy. You may wish to take this opportunity to undergo a liver coffee enema if you have been exposed to alcohol or processed foods during your trip away.

  • Drink lots of liquid and herbal teas
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee
  • Eat fruit and veg
  • Avoid gluten
  • Take a course of probiotics
Before Flying

Week 1: Colonic hydrotherapy - 1 hour
Week 2: Colonic hydrotherapy - 1 hour

On Return From Travel

Week 3: Colonic + Liver Coffee Enema - 1 hour


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