Detox & Weightloss

Vitality Living Method 14 Day Detox

The Vitality Living Method 14 Day Detox Programme is a unique eating plan designed to detox the body of common intolerants and give the entire system time to heal from the harmful effects of toxic foods. That is because each and every organ of the body and mind is renewed and refreshed over 14 days. The programme starts with colonic hydrotherapy and a liver cleanse at Vitality Centre using the advanced Harley Street Method. The programme includes a 6 minute "mind cleanse" to help replace negative associations related to food and replace them with healthy thinking patterns.

The programme has been designed by certified nutritionists who are globally recognised I-ACT detox therapists. Vitality Centre clinics have helped thousands of people lose weight and increase their wellbeing through professional programmes that are designed to work.

With over 7 years experience of gut health, detox and nutrition, Vitality Centre is Irelands leading celebrity detox clinics offering advanced medical grade treatments.

Vitality Centre clinics 14 Skinny Cleanse offers deep body detox along with a nutritional "roadmap" which is designed to enable anyone to find their way back to health naturally.

The Vitality Living Method Skinny Cleanse programme includes the following:

  • Colonic Hydrotherapy Session & Liver Coffee Enema
  • Full Colour 14 Day Detox Diet Programme
  • Hypno-diet 6 minute mind cleanse
  • Shopping List
  • Supplement Plan
  • Recipes
  • Nutritional Consultation

The programme is designed not just for those who wish to change the way they eat forever, but also for those who are recovering from illness who wish to build up the bodys immune system. It strengthens the body and the mind with healthy food and positive suggestions which are designed to support and help you on your journey.

Health and Nutritional Supplementation

skinny cleanse detox dublin

Recommended supplements on the 14 Day Vitality Living Method Skinny Cleanse Detox programme are included. You will be recommended a combination of items which you may take at home. These supplements are designed to provide the correct amounts of amino acids, proteins and other important minerals that the body needs to control the appetite and provide the optimal amount of nutrients. They are high strength and high potency and are the specifically selected to work in tandem with the Vitality Living Method programme.

There is a large amount of evidence with supports that fact that the body CAN recover from every major disease known to man. Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer in Ireland. By making simple changes to how we live and learning how to eat well, it is possible to improve your own health and that of your familys health.

Health Is a Choice

You can take steps today that will enable you and your family to avoid the debilitating effects of cancer and other major diseases. Health is a choice. It takes a little effort but the results last a lifetime. If you do one thing for yourself this year, do the Vitality Living Method 14 Day Detox Programme available exclusively at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge.

  • Its easy
  • Its delicious
  • It feels great
  • Its meat free, wheat free, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free.
  • Try it today and Invest In Your Future and Your Health

Vitality Living Method 14 Day Detox €399 include colonic and liver coffee enema plus full 14 day eating plan and supplements.