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"Immediately after the treatment, my tummy was already flatter and less bloated.”
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what is the best way to kickstart weight loss dublin ireland

What Is The Best Way To Kickstart Weight Loss and Detox?
The best way to kickstart weight loss and detox is with a clean and clear body that is ready to work with you in your goals to lose weight. That is what has made Inchloss Detox Express a "must try" for those who are serious about getting health goals back on track or who want to feel instantly slimmer. The secret to Irelands favourite lunchtime inchloss treatment, Inchloss Detox Express™ is an intensive combination of 3 powerful treatments which are carried out in 90 minutes hours with incredible total body results that will blow your mind. Get ready to experience optimised vitality like never before. .

  • 1. Hot Amethyst Crystal - As you lie on a bed of 28LBS of pure heated amethyst crystal your body begins to balance in preparation for the intense detox that follows. This process is known as homeostasis and is a major preparatory stage to maximise inchloss results and is exclusive to Vitaliy Centre clinics.
  • 2. Far Infra Red Heat - Far infra red increases blood flow to the main eliminatory organs and enables fat cells to warm up.
  • 3. Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage - A vibration and squeezing motion is delivered to the abdominal area via a specialised lymphatic device enabling cellular toxins to immobilise and fat cells to drop toxins.
  • 4.Colonic Hydrotherapy - Using the advanced Harley Street Method, old loosened toxins are removed from the body. Years of deep dark impacted matter is washed away and your body is cleansed from deep inside. Tummy is flatter instantly.
  • 5. Liver Flush Enema - Finally the liver is targetted. Your liver is the organ that controls your metabolism and that means weight gain. When it is impacted with hormones,toxins medication and alcohol, weight loss becomes almost impossible. You are left feel sluggish and heavy. Using a high potency combination of natural caffeine and anti-oxidant rich chloragenic acid, the liver coffee enema is introduced into an empty colon offering a complete flush of toxins.
"I felt completely re-energised and less sluggish.”
YOU Magazine

Irish Daily Mail

Fast for 2 hours in advance of treatment
Aftercare: For ongoing inchloss results and increased gut health, you may wish to take probiotics, green bean extract and natural supplements such as Moringa or Ashwagandha.Your therapist will recommend what is best for you during your treatment.

Dublin Vitality Centre Clinics offers the exclusive Inchloss Detox Express treatment Vitality Centre Ballsbridge, Grafton Street and Dublin 15 Blanchardstown. . Expect incredible detox

"My face looked brighter and under eye bags far less pronounced.”
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  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Relieve Tension and Muscle Aches
  • Remove Bloating
  • Reduce Inches
  • Kickstart Weight Loss
  • Look Slimmer
  • Feel Slimmer
  • Reduce Cellulite, Bumpy skin, Stretch Marks
  • Improve Dry skin, psoriasis and eczema on the body
  • Improve & Brighten Skin

"I felt completely re-energised and less sluggish.”
YOU Magazine

Irish Daily Mail

The Secret To Inchloss Detox Express - Stage 1 - Preparatory Detox Treatments

The secret to this powerful detox and inchloss treatment lies in the THREE incredible preparatory stages. To enable your body to begin letting go of toxins, your body will be warmed gently by lying on a bed of 28LBS of hot amethyst crystal. These crystals create balance, a process known and homeostasis, preparing your fat cells to let go of toxins. Far infra red heat advances the preparatory stage by getting your blood to flow easier. Your blood or circulatory system can then carry the maximum amount of toxins towards your eliminatory organs. The third preparatory stage is Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. An advanced device is placed on our abdominal area. It is wrapped tightly around your core and vibrates gently shaking the fat cells and encouraging them to drop even more toxins. This vibrationary effect enables your body to expel the maximum amount of bloating and heaviness by enabling lymph to make its way to the main organs of detox, the liver and the colon. Now that your cells and circulatory system have warmed up and toxins are on the move, they can be removed easily in the next TWO stages.

Cells Drop Toxins during Stage 1 and Release in Stage 2

Stage 2 - Deep Body Colon and Liver Cleasing

Using the power of warm purified water, advanced colonic hydrotherapy, using the exclusive Harley Street Method enables the removal an incredible mass of toxins. This dark black matter, may have been residing in your body for up to twenty years (or longer depending on your lifestyle and age).When it are released you will feel re-energised and instantly ligher. Gas, bloating, impaction and old toxic matter move out of your body during colonic hydrotherapy enabling your tummy to flatten and your organs to return to their normal size. Very often clothes feel looser, instantly around the waist.

"Over the next few weeks, my psoriasis - which is an irritant rather than a full on annoyance - cleared up completely.”
YOU Magazine

Irish Daily Mail

The beauty of colonic hydrotherapy is that cleansing the colon naturally reduces the appetite and causes it to "reboot" since vast hydration is given to the organs. Very often hunger is thirst, but its virtually impossible to tell the difference. The hydrating effect of colonic hydrotherapy is just one more reason why weight loss often follows this treatment. You may find that you choose to eat healthier foods, as you feel so clean inside for the first time in years.

The process is further helped by the powerful addition of a Liver Caffeine enema. Your liver has to deal with the most toxic poisonous matter of all. By releasing and removing toxins relating to medication, hormones and processed foods, you will give your fat cells a chance to begin weight loss naturally. And did we mention that heavy dark circles and eye bags are noticably improved. Thats because a toxic liver always shows in your eyes.The result is a boosted metabolism which makes ongoing weight loss easier and leaves you lighter and energised instantly

At the end of your treatment, you will notice a feeling of increased lightness. Your eyes sparkle, eyebags are reduced and the appetite is naturally reduced. Skin improves and spots often disappear from the body and face. The body is hydrated and natural weightloss often follows.

Prepare to be amazed.

Deep Liver Caffeine Flush- Anti-Oxidant Boost For Your Skin

Using an advanced anti-oxidant rich liver coffee enema solution, the liver is encouraged to release deep toxins. The liver flush caffeine enema solution is retained in the colon for 10 minutes after the colonic. It is important to have the coffee enema on an empty colon for maximum results since it cannot filter through when your colon is impacted. The Inchloss Detox Express liver coffee enema solution is transfused with chloragenic anti-oxidants a powerful anti-ager for your skin. The solution is circulated into the liver via the colon walls and since the caffeine is a stimulant, it causes the bile ducts in the liver to dilate expelling deep waste and poisonous toxins. The result is instantly reduced eye bags and less dark circles. After the treatment it is usual to feel emotionally revived, lighter, slimmer and bursting with energy.

Inchloss Detox Express™


Total treatment time 90 Minutes

If you need to look slim and revitalised instantly and want to feel your absolute best, book your appointment for Inchloss Detox Express exclusively at Dublin Vitality Centre Clinics today. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible results of this deep body detox treatment. And thats not all. Weightloss may follow in the weeks after your treatment. Thats because a metabolistic boost is a normal result of cleansing the bowel, liver and lymphatic system. There is no need to feel sluggish and bloated anymore. Book Today at Irelands leading detox And skin clinics and prepare to fit that zip and look amazing.

Check List: Before you book your treatment, please check to ensure that non of the following apply to you
1. Pregnant or in the past 6 months
2. Emphasema
3. Crohns,Hernias, Surgery in past 6 months
4. Deep Vein Thrombosis
5. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiac condition, low blood pressure

Inchloss Detox Express™


Inchloss may be achieved in combination with a sensible diet and exercise. Weightloss is not guaranteed. In some cases and especially where IBS is an underlying concern please consider undergoing a course of 3 treatments of Inchloss Detox Express for optimal results. After the initial treatment some people experience cramping. This is an indication that historic impaction and hardened feacal matter has been loosened but not fully released. More than one treatment is recommended in such cases.