New Year Detox

At Vitality Centre Dublin, we offer a variety of detox programmes to suit your schedule and your wellbeing needs.

Get this year off to an incredible start by choosing one of our advanced detox programmes.

Inchloss Detox Express : The Ulimate 90 Minute Detox Treatment. Colonic Hydrotherapy, Liver Coffee Enema & Biomat Hot Amethyst Crystal Far Infra Red Thermotherapy and Mechanical Lymphatic Massage. Exclusively available at Vitality Centre Clinic. 

Experience the ultimate 90 minute detox programme designed to bring about fast and effective inchloss results. This is the most popular post party season detox and is exclusively available at Vitality Centre Clinics. Fit that zip fast. Your treatment begins by lying on a bed of pure amethyst crystal which is heated by far infra red heat. During this time, a specialised mechanical lymphatic drainage device enables deep impaction to be loosened. Next the colon is cleansed of deep impaction with the advanced Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy. Finally the liver is cleansed with a liver coffee enema. Get ready to feel amazing, lose bloat and reduce your tummy in under 2 hours. 

3 Day Detox : Colonic Hydrotherapy x 3 - Harley Street Method  Cleansing the colon offers the most advanced detoxification benefits possible. Experienced a flatter tummy, reduced bloating, clear skin and increased metabolistic functions. The result is increased energy and weightloss. For the best results 3 colonics are recommended. Ideal for those suffering from IBS, heaviness in the abdomin, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, mild depression, gas and bloating.

3 Day Detox with liver cleanse : Colonic Hydrotherapy x 3 with 1 x liver coffee enema - Harley Street Method  Super boost your 3 Day detox treatment by undergoing the addition of a 1 x herbal liver coffee enema on day 3 which releases further deep toxicity, reduces eyebags and offers an all over metabolistic super charge to the entire body for maximum weight loss and results.


Gut Health Cleanse : Colon & Liver Cleanse With Food Intolerance Test The Gut Health Cleanse is for those who are suffering from IBS, acne, skin conditions, constipation and bloating . It is fully comprehensive cleanse with combines the benefits of food intolerance testing with colonic hydrotherapy and liver detoxification. You will attend the clinic for 3 weeks where you will undergo advanced colonic hydrotherapy using The Harley Street Method. On your third visit, when the colon has been fully cleansed of a lifetimes worth of impacted matter and toxins, you will experience the incredible deep cleansing  benefits of a liver coffee enema. You will also undergo food intolerance testing during one of your visits, to ensure that the foods which enter your body are the right ones for you going forward. This life changing detox offers powerful health giving benefits and can result in weight loss, reduced bloating, clear skin and increased energy. Included tailored supplement programme. 

14 Day Skinny Cleanse : Colon & Liver Cleanse With 14 Day Detox Diet Do You Want To Start A Weight Loss Detox Programme That Gets Results? Get ready to undertake a lifestyle change that will alter your body and the way you think about food. During this 14 Day Programme, you will enjoy meat free, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free foods. You will undergo one session of colonic hydrotherapy to remove toxins and bloat. This full body detox combines the powerful cleansing benefits of colonic irrigation using the advanced Harley Street Method. This programme is based on nutritional findings by Dr. Thomas Campbell, author of The China Study, which is considered to be the most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever carried out.


"I felt amazing after 14 days so I kept going". Sarah, Blackrock, Co. Dublin NEW YEAR DETOX


14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox 2018

Exclusively At Dublin Vitality Center Ballsbridge, 50 Merrion Road, Dublin 4

THIS MONTH ONLY €399 not €499 BOOK NOW 01-9018359
" I was mainly doing the 14 Day Detox Cleanse to improve my health. But the weight loss was an added bonus. Highly Recommended". John, Killiney, Co.Dublin

Start 2018 on a healthy note with The Ultimate 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox Diet From Dublin Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. This nutritional plan is based on findings by Dr. Thomas Campbell, author of The China Study, which is considered to be the most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever carried out. Book Today Tel: 01-9018359

The Ultimate 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox Diet Includes the following

  • One to One Nutritional Therapy Consultation
  • Full Colour Professional Detox Diet Recipe Booklet
  • 14 Day Menu Plan
  • Includes Green Juice Recipe
  • Includes Guide to Detox & Information
  • Shopping List
  • Colonic Irrigation
  • Liver cleanse coffee enema (€30 extra)

All shopping list items can be delivered directly to your home to enable you to begin the programme immediately. Extra charge applies.

"Diets no longer worked for me. Ive tried them all. I worked out with a personal trainer 3 times a week and went on a protein diet until that become unsustainable and expensive. The weight piled back on. But after the 14 day skinny cleanse I actually lost more weight even when I wasnt trying. I love the food on this programme and will continue forever." Clare, Wicklow
Everyone Needs The Vitality Living Method 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox and Weight Loss Programme.

New Years Is the Perfect Time for a Fast and Juice Detox

Are you tired of waking up everyday with a fuzzy head, a bloated tummy and an extra 5 LBs on your waistline? Now is a perfect time to take some much needed "me time" and treat yourself to a life changing detox weight loss cleanse programme. The 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Programme is a personalised one-to-one weight loss detox programme tailored to your personal weight loss needs. It works. And you dont have to a celebrity or a film start to starting living and eating this way.

Why Is NOW A Great Time To Do The Vitality Living Method 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox and Weight loss programme ?

More than ever you need to be physically and emotionally on top of your game over the Christmas and New Years period. Very often this time of year feels like an obstacle course of stress and dramas. Christmas is not always the most relaxing time of year (and one that is hard on your body too) for a number of reasons:

  • >Family pressure and expectations can take their toll with everyone coming home to roost all at once. Old tensions can sometimes arise as most families are far from perfect with Christmas becoming a stage for the drama to play out.
  • The pressure to make sure everyone is having a good time and "put on a good show", can be exhausting.
  • All around people appear to be having a great time and you are expected to share in the joy even if you are not feeling 100% yourself .
  • The party season can be overwhelming on your body and mind with stodgy food and alcohol becoming the order of the day.
  • Weight gain, bloating and heaviness can get you down just as you are expected to look and feel your best and kickstart a brand new year.
  • Very often it feels like things "Stop" for Christmas and your plans to change job, buy a new home or start afresh may also go on hold for the coming months leading to frustration and stress.

Details Of Vitality Living Method 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox and Weight Loss Programme


You will begin your detox with a Colonic Irrigation Session at Dublin Vitality Centers exclusive clinic in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. The 14 Day Skinny Cleanse And Detox and begins at Dublin Vitality Center where you will undergo a life changing colonic irrigation body detox session to remove years of bloating and impacted matter from your body. This will leave you feeling light and refreshed instantly. Your appetite will be reset and you will want to continue the amazing feeling of vitality and hydration which has made colonic irrigation the number one celebrity detox treatment for many years. Because your body is cleansed of toxins from day one of your detox, you will experience no headaches and no joint pains, the common side affects of detoxification associated with nutritional changes alone. That is because, in this unique programme, you are starting with a clean liver and colon which is the result of colonic irrigation.


You will be provided with a full colour detox diet recipe programme. This includes a variety of wheat free, meat free, dairy free and sugar free recipes which will enable you to detox your body fully while introducing superfoods which will boost your natural energy levels. Everyday you will eat natural foods which will nourish and hydrate your body. You will begin to look and feel renewed and revived with every new day. The detox programme includes green juice recipes which you will enjoy every day of the 14 Day Skinny Detox Cleanse Diet.


Your professionally printed booklet includes a guide to detox which explains how each of your organs benefits from the effects of colonics combined with wheat free, meat free , sugar free eating. This will change the way you look at food forever. You will see and feel incredible changes and benefits as your body rids itself of years of toxicity and impaction. But unlike any other programme, you will not experience the downtime associated with deep body detoxification.


Clear your presses and shop for foods that are easy to prepare and delicious to enjoy for the next 14 days as you become slimmer, increase hydration and lose bloat and toxicity. Begin the overall benefits as eyes become brighter and skin begins to glow with vitality. You may choose to have all the items you need delivered direct to your home the very next day so that you can begin eating and living well immediately. Extra charges apply.


You are requested to sign a commitment form in writing which will strengthen your resolve and make a statement to yourself to stick to the 14 Day Skinny Detox Cleanse


With the best intentions in the world, sometimes unwanted gifts can turn into clutter making your space feel suffocating and toxic. If you are tired of unwanted presents cluttering up your home making you feel like a trip to the charity shop is the only solution, do yourself a favour and let your loved ones know that this year you would like to receive the ultimate gift of health with The Vitality Living Method 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox and Weight Loss Programme.

Who is The Vitality Living Method 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Detox and Weight Loss Programme For?

Anyone who wants to look and feel amazing as well as experience the life changing and health giving benefits of detox. Do you have the growing feeling that you wish to cleanse your body of toxic over processed foods? Do you often finding yourself putting your emotions on hold or blocking your feelings for a more appropriate time? In todays busy world, it can sometimes feel as if downtime is not allowed and we must wear a mask just to fit into the corporate jungle. It can often feel that we must work like machines in order to be "productive" for someone elses gain, we must be happy all the time, never express our true feelings openly and feel down. We are also expected to have fantastic lives, relationships and careers. Emotions take a back seat and are very often "put on hold". But we are human and our emotions are like steam in a pressure cooker. If we continue to deny this part of ourselves and don't give our emotional side some attention, we might just explode (or worse implode). During the 14 Day Detox, you have the option of having a recorded guided meditation to listen to. This will help you release emotional stress as your body relieves itself of years of pesticides, environmental toxins, hormones and blood sugars begin to balance offering peace and tranquility inside and out.


Are you often bloated with unexplained weight gain and mild sadness or depression? Do you suffer from stress and fear? You are not alone. The demands of life are high. Digital technology means 24 hour communication has become normal. Social media can give the illusion that everyone else is enjoying a better social life than you are. City living is often fearful with danger lurking at every street corner. Crime seems to be growing. There is always something to worry about. This means that we are often living in a state of hyper alertness and fear for much of the time which puts strain the adrenal glands leading to chronic stress disorders.


During the Christmas and New Year period, the stresses and stains of family life can especially take their toll . Very often it is a time when tensions and emotions run high and expectations are not met leading to internalised dis-ease. Seeing your beloved family and friends and knowing you may not meet again for another 12 months or longer can put your feelings on a roller coaster of joy and sadness. Add to all this, the rushing around and pressure to have a great time and its no wonder that by the time New Years arrives, one is often left feeling "out of sorts" and "out of balance".


In pagan times, every season was welcomed with a gentle period of fasting. And even early christians were encouraged to honour this tradition in order to balance the boisterous practices and over indulgences of Christmas excess. Today we have lost this ancient wisdom but many people are choosing to reclaim this intrinsic knowledge for themselves. That is why so many people are now boycotting the traditional alcohol fuelled toxic New Years Party and choosing a more conscious and meaningful way to celebrate and welcome the dawn of a New Year . All around the world, New Year Detox and Fasting are becoming more and more popular with those who have a raised awareness of the needs of their body and minds.


Book your a treatment today and change your life with the powerful healing and life giving benefits of detox and fasting for the body and mind.


When your body is over burdened with toxins, you may develop a combination of symptoms. The most common of those are.

  • Fatigue
  • Skin complaints
  • Depression
  • Weight Gain
  • Insomnia


Frances Flannery is certified in nutrition, detox and the only IACT Advanced and Instructor Level Qualified Colon Hydrotherapist in Ireland. She is also a certified exercise and fitness practitioner and has trained with some of the worlds most well known "life transformation" therapists. She is nurse trained and has been running Dublin Vitality Center, Irelands leading detox and wellbeing clinic for almost 6 years. Her programmes and treatments are regularly featured in The Irish Independent, U Magazine, Tatler Man, Womens Way and she writes for a variety of publications on the subject of health. Her Colon Hydrotherapy school is a globally recognised institute for the ongoing development of excellence in colon care, detox and gut good health.

This nutritional programme is based on findings by Dr. Thomas Campbell, author of The China Study, which is considered to be the most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever carried out.
May not be suitable for those with a condition where blood sugars are not regulated. Please seek advice from you GP before considering any detox or health treatment. You will be required to complete a health screening form to ensure you are suitable for this programme. All details are subject to slight changes. Any changes will be notified on booking.

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