Gut Flora Probiotic Implant Enema Rehab Plan

According to leading gut health experts and medical doctors, the most direct way to restore and replant gut flora is via a probiotic enema directly into the bowel. At Vitality Centre, probiotic enemas are always carried out in combination with a colonic.


Why Should A Colonic Be Carried Out In Advance Of A Probiotic Implant Enema?

If you have taken anti-biotics even once in your life and not taken probiotics, the chances are that you have imbalanced gut flora. The main gut flora that becomes imbalanced is a resilient form known as "candida".

Candida, in the absence of other gut flora, lines the entire digestive tract and colonises in the bowel. Think of candida as a weed that overgrows and takes over your good gut flora system in your gut. When you undergo colonic hydrotherapy in advance of a probiotic implant enema, you are removing the excess Candida. This is seen coming out of the bowel during the colonic and looks like cotton wool.

If you have a probiotic implant enema on a bowel that is full of Candida, it is not as effective. That is why a session of colonic hydrotherapy is always carried out in advance of a probiotic implant enema.

What Is The Problem With Candida?

Candida is a sure sign of imbalanced gut flora. Candida is a natural gut flora but because it is the most resilient one, it can become dormant when anti-biotics are taken. Candidas job is to remove heavy metal toxins like mercury which is why you will often have excess Candida if you have fillings. Unlike other stains of gut flora that will be killed off by anti-biotic usage, Candida will grow back and because all other gut flora is gone, it will take over the garden of gut flora in you bowel. Think of it like a weed that grows and eventually suffocates all other plants.

Candida has been linked to inflammation which is the underlying cause of every disease and illness including cancer . Clearing Candida and restoring good gut flora balance with probiotic enemas increases over all wellness and health.

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