Body MOT Health Test

What is a body mot? A body mot looks for imbalances which may be signs of "pre-sickness". A body mot at Dublin Vitality Centre is an upgraded food intolerance test that looks for imbalances in the body as well as in our response to foods.

At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics we offer two distinct types of FDA approved medical testing. The first is a food intolerance test which helps you to identify foods that are causing unpleasant symptoms in your body. The second test is a called a Body MOT Health Test.

The Body MOT Health Test is carried out using the same FDA approved med II system and is in effect an upgrade to the food intolerance test. It does include the full food intolerance test, therefore. But it also looks at the body. The test takes one hour.

In some cases, conditions are not caused by food intolerances. They may be caused by a lack of a vitamins or a weakness or toxic condition of an organ. That is why, we recommend you to consider the Body MOT Health Test, when you are undergoing a food intolerance test. This test offers you a more comprehensive report which includes the full body, all organs and systems long with vitamins and minerals.

Preparing For Food Intolerance Test or Body MOT Health Test

It is important to note that we recommend you eat a sample of any food that has been avoided in the past 3 months if its safe to do so. A sample of the food must be in the body in the past 3 months in order for it to be detectable. This applies to all medical grade food intolerance testing. Do not eat foods that you are allergic to. Please avoid the use or steroids or anti-histamines as they may suppress your the bodies reactions.