BioScan Food Intolerance Test

Bioscan technology is used for food intolerance testing at Dublin Vitality Centre. We use the FDA registered technology for functional gut health programmes that aim to find the source of the problem if that is a food intolerance. This is not a medical test, or an allergy test, both of which are very different.         

At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics, we use FDA registered Bioscan Technology for food intolerance testing. 

BioScan is an testing  tool that is designed to offer exceptionally fast results, with no downtime or needles.  

Similar to an ECG scan, the BioScan measures a galvanic skin response when a safe frequency of energy is applied to fingers. Dont worry, you wont feel it. Because the system involves a frequency, we dont recommend the treatment to those who are epileptic or who have a pace-maker installed or who are sensitive to seizures.           

This system offers pain free instant results and is suitable for food intolerance testing along with the Body MOT Wellbeing test, a non diagnostic stress test that looks for areas of imbalance in the physical body. This test, whilst not a substitute for a medical diagnosis, may help establish a picture of the body energically, that day, that hour, that moment.      

An extensive database of stressors of both potentially balancing and stressing substances can be accessed for further testing. You will be able to pinpoint both positive and negative resonances for more advanced testing resulting in ultimate care.

We offer both two tests at Dublin Vitality Centre clinics. Food Intolerance test or upgraded Food Intolerance and Full Body Mot Testing.

Q: What Is The BioScan Test :

A: Its an FDA registered testing system that checks for imbalanced caused by for example food intolerances.

Q: What does the BioScan do:

A: In simple lay mans language, it sends a digital signature at the body that looks like food, and measures the respones, then charts it into balanced and imblanced foods

Yes In a very simple analogy, the BioScan emits sound waves during an assessment. Our electro acupressure device measures the patient's sensitivity which is no more harmful than listening to the radio at home or in your car.

Q: How many visits are needed?

A: Normally one.

Q: How long is a typical appointment?

A: BioScan Processing Sessions take approximately 30mins- 1 hour.

Q: When do clients notice improvement?

A: Individual timetables to achieve symptomatic relief will vary based on the individual's severity of conditions and state of overall health. Many people notice an increase in their quality of health after the first or second visit.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: No. Most people feel nothing at all.

Q: Is this testing and specifically the BioScan safe and effective for children?

A: Yes, the BioScan is safe for people of all ages, and is even successfully used by veterinarians on animals .

Q: What substances can the BioScan identify as stressors?

A: The BioScan contains tens of thousands of substances in its libraries and up to an additional 50,000 substances in the advanced procedure libraries. This electro testing device can identify almost every known substance that could possibly cause a stress reaction. The BioScan contains some of the most comprehensive substance libraries of any devices of this type.

Q: I have heard of other devices using "digital signals" to assess allergies. How does the BioScan compare to them?

A: The BioScan is both patented and FDA-registered for testing. This means its as accurate as any testing device can be.

The Bioscan is used for food intolerance testing, not allergy testing which is a medical diagnosis. Vitality Centre does not offer medical tests of any type or guarantee any results. Any lifestyle changes taken as a results of a test are taken at the liberty and discretion of the client.

The BioScan does not treat or cure allergies or any other types of illness or disease.

Q: What does the BioScan treat?

A: The BioScan Wellness System does not diagnose or treat any condition. Through the use of our FDA-registered technoligy, the BioScan is able to assess with a very high degree of specificity which substances may be creating increased levels of stress to the body.

These specific stress inducing substances are often times what trigger the nervous systems fight or flight reactions which are expressed in a myriad of symptoms that have been scientifically proven to be associated with high levels of stress. "According to The American Medical Association (AMA), stress is the cause of 80 to 85 percent of all human illness and disease. Every week, 95 million Americans suffer some kind of stress-related symptom for which they take medication." Our belief is that through the use of our state-of-the-art technology, our electro acupuncture device can safely, effectively and quickly reduce stress which will therefore provide for increased health.

Q: How long will the results last after I remove foods?

A: Ellimination of any food should be for three months and no more. Just because elimination or alleviation of a symptom occurs, does not mean other symptoms may not present over time. It is recommended a system checkup every three months for wellness maintenance after you complete your recommended protocol and to check if the food intolerance is still present. This is of course optional as all wellbeing recommendations are self-elected.

Q: What is the BioScan Focus?

A: The BioScan Focus provides substance testing but we use the upgraded BioScan where electrodes are used on the fingers. This is the most up to date method of scanning offered by Bioscan technology.

Q: How can Stress Reduction Testing help everyone?

A: Because stress affects EVERYONE.

Preparing For Food Intolerance Test or Body MOT Health Test

It is important to eat a sample of any food that has been avoided in the past 3 months if its safe to do so. A sample of the food must be in the body in the past 3 months in order for it to be detectable. This applies to any grade food intolerance testing. Do not eat foods that you are allergic to. Please avoid the use or steroids or anti-histamines as they may suppress your the bodies reactions. Refer to terms and conditions for more details

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