Food Allergies Are Not Food Intolerances

Food Allergies and food intolerances are not the same thing. Food intolerance testing aims to find triggers to underlying digestive and skin issues. Allergies require instant medical attention, and can only be performed by a doctor.        

A food allergy differs from a food intolerance in one fundamental way, a food allergy is permanent, where a food intolerance may disappear if the item is avoided for approximately three months.      A food allergy will cause an immediate bad reaction normally, which may results in severe symptoms such as anaphylaxis and in some cases hospitalisation. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we do not test for food allergies. Anaphylaxis is usually related to swollen lips or throat and due to this, there is a risk of death. Never consume a food which you suspect you have an allergy to. If you think you have an allergy or have experienced symptoms such as these, please go to a doctor for an allergy test. It is quite different to a food intolerance test.


Food Intolerances Change Over The Course Of A Lifetime.

Unlike Allergies, food intolerances change as the body has less exposure to them. In time, usually about three months,  some foods may be tolerable to the body. But an allergy generally will not change. It should be avoided for like. If you undergo a food intolerance test and you have an allergy, it is very likely that your allergy food will not show up. You might be surprised. This is due to the fact that the allergy food must be in the body in order for it to be detected. So If you have not eaten it in the past 3 months (and avoidance is definitely recommended) then you will not see it on your test results.

Many people are surprised that foods such as wheat and some of the other items you don't show up on their test. We all know the foods that are "bad" for us in general. But a food intolerance test is about finding out the food that are not bad or good but unsuitable for your body right now. Please note that nobody should eat high doses of wheat or gluten. But more specific to you, please remove for 3 months all the items listed.

Preparing For Food Intolerance Test or Body MOT Health Test

It is important to note that we recommend you eat a sample of any food that has been avoided in the past 3 months if its safe to do so. A sample of the food must be in the body in the past 3 months in order for it to be detectable. This applies to all medical grade food intolerance testing. Do not eat foods that you are allergic to. Please avoid the use or steroids or anti-histamines as they may suppress your the bodies reactions.

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