How the Food Intolerance Test Works

How does the BioScan food intolerance testing work? There are various methods of food intolerance testing. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we use FDA registered BioScan testing system to establish imbalances in the body caused by foods.

This page is designed to help you understand the chart of imbalances that is returned by the system. Lets look at how the test works. Using very non technical language, its goes something like this; electrodes are placed on your hands and a technician hooks you up to the BiosScan. The systems sends a "digital version" or 'Digital Signature' of various foods items at your body. The BioScan technology reads the response to each of these items that your body sends back. Then it creates a chart from them. This is not a diagnosis, but merely a snapshot of how your body responded to that item, on that day, at that time. Food intolerances are impermanent, that is why you only ever eliminate them for three months and no more. After that time, the item should be introduced back into the diet. If you feel the symptoms returning, a more permanent intolerance may be present. You can certainly have that checked again by repeating the test, but very often the feeling brought on by consumption of an imbalanced food that you have been avoiding, is enough. So, to put it in a simple way, the Bioscan food intolerance testing system reads how your body responds to the substance. Then it records it. Then your bodies reponses are made into results, graded and charted. Over the years, we have had a number of questions about the chart. Here are some of the most common ones

Preparing For Food Intolerance Test or Body MOT Health Test

Do eat at least a small sample of any food that has been avoided in the past 3 months if its safe to do so ie unless a known allergy exists or your doctors has diagnosed you with something that would stop you from eating that item. A sample of the food must be in the body in the past 3 months in order for it to be detectable. This applies to all medical grade food intolerance testing. Do not eat foods that you are allergic to. Please avoid the use or steroids or anti-histamines as they may suppress your the bodies reactions.Do check with your doctor first though.

1. Categorised Print-Out Attached.

It is extremely complicated to read an uncategorised print out. Therefore we normally place the items in your report into distinct categories and groups to that it is much more clear. As this is an "abnormal only " chart, please avoid all the items on this chart for 3 months. It is really that simple.

Abnormal Only Chart -

This chart focuses on only the items that have come up imbalanced. These are the foods you need to remove. That is because there are so many items in the test especially when you undergo a Full Body Mot. When you receive your results., please remove from the diet for 3 months all of the food items listed on the attached report.

2. Repeating The Test During The Testing Process

We very often run the test twice and sometimes three times to check and verify the results at the time of testing. Please go by the final outcome. The Bioscan is an FDA registered testing device which we have been using in our clinics for almost 10 years. It is very accurate.

3. Chart Colour Code

Very recently we have installed an upgrade of the software on the Bioscan Food Intolerance Testing System. The reason is that the system is maintained by a US based company remotely. In any case, the verbal description is outlined below to help you have a better understanding. Please note every Bioscan system has a slightly different colour code so this will not apply to a test you have received from anyone else.
All foods that appear NOT GREEN should be avoided for 3 months unless in the case of an umbrella food like Gluten or Lactose. These are what you might think of a parent foods, and they knock out items containing them, therefore. Makes sense?

Understanding Colour Code -

To help you understand and read your chart better, please consider the following explanations for each colour. As stated, the best approach is simply to avoid all the items that appear on the Abnormal Only chart as NOT GREEN. All foods listed on the chart should be removed from the diet for 3 months and then introduced one by one monitoring the response on your body as you do so. It you notice a bad response ie bloating, you might avoid long term Remember all food intolerance tests are self-elected and not a matter of urgency. Taking steps to avoid foods that cause imbalances will make a well person more well, but does not under any circumstances cure a sick person. We do not offer tests to those who are medically sick as we are not doctors.

Chronic/severely Chronic -

In the current version that the Black and Blue items. A chronic food intolerance symptom that is persistent or long-lasting. lt has developed over time or a long time ago. It may take time to recover i.e. the full 3 months in some cases. Severe is a stronger version of it.

Acute/Severely Acute -

In this version the pink and reds are acute. Acute may be a more severe food intolerance test or it may have a sudden onset. It may have developed more recently. Again severe is a stronger version of it. Please note that the recommendation is simple. Treat all the food that appear on the chart attached in the same manner. That is, to remove for 3 months any item appearing imbalanced (ie not green, unless its a parent food) and monitor your body's response as you re-introduce it after that time.

4. Unconsumed Items Showing Up

Food labeling research shows we eat much more than we think we do, ie there are hidden ingredients in many foods. This is a well known and accepted reality. It is very likely that at some time in your life you have been exposed to things that you were not aware of. Maybe not as a whole food but as an ingredient. You would be surprised where foods show up as trace elements and as ingredients that form part of other foods, sauces, additives. This is most evident most in foods we eat in restaurants or eat if we eat pre-packaged foods or processed foods.

5. Items Showing That Are Not Regularly consumed.

If you don't regularly consume the item and it shows up as imbalanced, please continue to avoid it as it is currently registering an imbalanced response in your body which may be historic.

6.Understanding Non Food Items and The Body Scan

Body Scan -

We read the results of the body scan slightly differently. When reading the non food items "Body scan" as listed items on your chart, please ONLY consider the top 3 highest and black items on the list.

Bioscan is not a diagnostic device but merely a reading of areas that are imbalanced on that day, at that time. In no way can it detect an illness

7. Items Showing Up Twice

When we do the BioScan we throw the food items at your cells in a digital form at various strengths. The strength is known as a dilution. In simple terms, it is recommended that if the food comes up imbalanced at any strength or dilution (tincture or mother tincture), you should treat it as abnormal. Again, remove for 3 months and monitor your body's response as you re-introduce it after that time. Green is balanced , however we do check many items numerous times in numerous dilutions. That means, if you see it green in one place but not green in another place, please avoid it for 3 months.

8. Unexpected Items Showing Up

Many people are surprised that foods such as wheat and some of the other items you mentioned did not show up. We all know the foods that are "bad" for us in general. But this test is about finding out the food that are not bad or good but bad for you. Please note that nobody should eat high doses of wheat or gluten. But more specific to you, please remove for 3 months all the items listed.

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