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The Gut Garden Concept

SINCE 2008

It is now accepted that many skin problems, mood issues, weight problems and illnesses start in the gut and bowel. It is also accepted that everyone in the western world has imbalanced gut flora due to wide spread and incorrect use of anti-biotics. Clear the weeds before planting the seeds. There are four steps to natural functional gut health based on The Gut Garden Concept. The first is to clear your gut garden of imbalanced gut flora like candida and toxins. This is done using the advanced Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy which offers privacy and the assurance of FDA approved med II equipment. Clearing and cleansing the liver and colon with colonic hydrotherapy and liver coffee enemas can boost the metabolism, remove eye bags, reduce bloating, improve skin problems like acne and kick start weight loss due to increased hydration. The second stage is to replant your gut garden with probiotics and to identify food triggers which may be causing skin problems, bloating, mood imbalances and weight gain. According to acclaimed author and physician, Dr. David Perlmutter, the best way to replant gut flora is with probiotic enemas. Taking oral probiotics and having direct gut flora probiotic enemas is recommended. The third step is to maintain and fertilise the gut garden with prebiotic foods such as kimchi and kombucha. These fermented foods feed the good gut flora in your bowel. The fourth stage is to protect the gut garden and the bowel from further imbalancing substances. It is accepted that transdermal absorption can increase by 1000% times during aesthetic skin treatments which is why holistic natural skin products are used to achieve younger more radiant skin at Vitality Centre.

Dublin Vitality Centre provides probiotic enema implants. Probiotic enemas are the best way to implant gut flora directly into the bowel says the internationally acclaimed gut health author Dr. David Perlmutter (MD).

What Happens During A Probiotic Implant Enema?

A solution of the correct probiotic live gut flora microbiome cultures is held in the bowel and held for a number of minutes. This is always done directly after a session of colonic hydrotherapy for best results because the colonic helps to remove excess Candida and other imbalanced unhealthy gut flora cultures that accumulate on the bowel wall. Very often, it is possible to see the Candida coming away during this treatment of colonic hydrotherapy. It resembles white fluffy cotton wool. During the probiotic implant enema stage, the good gut flora microbiome live cultures have the opportunity to populate deep inside the lumen of the gut or bowel, where it grows and flourishes to restore gut flora. In the absence of the excess Candida (which is removed with the colonic), healthy live gut flora microbiome cultures can grow and become balanced. As recommended by world leading gut health researcher and physician, Dr. Perlmutter, the bestt way to restore gut flora is via a probiotic enema implant directly into the bowel via enema.

You Need Probiotic Enema Implants As Well As Oral Probiotics

It is estimated that almost everyone has imbalanced gut flora, because let’s face it, almost everyone has been exposed to anti-biotics or other gut flora disturbing medication, at least once in their lives. And if everyone has imbalanced gut flora and because imbalanced gut flora can be linked to inflammation which is implicated inconditions as diverse as obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, autism, asthma, arthritis,coronary artery disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease as well as skin conditions like acne and eczema, it is time that clearing away bad gut flora and replanting good gut flora became as fundamental to people’s daily health care as brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist regularly.

A recent study by the University of London has proven that many probiotic drinks simply do not make it through the stomach to do their work in the bowel. The same study found that liquid products were in general capable of delivering more viable bacteria than solid products. It also suggested that taking products in the fasted state gave the best chance of successful delivery. (Gaisford, 2014).The study showed that only some of the gut flora in the probiotics taken orally potentially made it through the digestive system. That is why many world leading experts in the area of probiotics now recommend adding probiotic enemas which contain live healthy gut flora microbiome to functional gut health programmes because probiotic enemas are the most direct way and best way to repopulate the gut flora garden. That is because the probiotic can bypass the digestive system which is designed to break down any nutrients or bacteria that passes through it including probiotics.

3 Week Probiotic Implant Protocol To Balance Gut Flora

Week 1: Colonic + Probiotic Enema Implant- 1 hour
Week 2: Colonic + Probiotic Enema Implant- - 1 hour
Week 3: Colonic + Probiotic Enema Implant- - 1 hour

Did You Know That You Have a Microscopic Garden In Your Bowel?

You can read hundreds of very scientific books about imbalanced gut flora and live culture microbiome, but here is the very best way to understand what imbalanced gut flora and the value of healthy gut microbiome is about. Imagine that your gut (aka bowel, colon, large intestine) had a tiny garden growing inside it. Deep inside the walls of the bowel , there is a beautiful abundant garden with plants of all kinds growing together in harmony and balance. Everything has its place in the garden. There is balance in the garden of your gut too. If a weed comes up, it cant take over because other plants are there to control it from having a monopoly. This is called "gut flora symbiosis". Consider , then the gut to be a microscopic garden of plants. We are referring specifically to your bowel, colon, large intestine when we are talking about gut flora microbiomes and live cultures because that is where they grow and do their valuable health work.

Restoring Gut Flora

According to Dr. David Perlmutter, a second generation medical doctor who has devoted his career to gut health, after the death of his father (also an highly regarded medical doctor), from Alzheimer's, the very best way and most direct way to restore gut flora is through a series of probiotic implants directly into the bowel. This is done weekly for at least 3 weeks. It is always done following a colonic hydrotherapy session in order to remove the excess Candida so that the probiotic can have the opportunity to "take" in the gut wall

Can Colonics Wash Away Good Gut Flora?

It might be hard to believe today with all that modern science has learned about gut health and the bowel over the past two decades that at one time, it was once suggested that the cause of the epidemic of global imbalanced gut flora was due to colonics. Wow, that would mean that everyone in the western world including new born babies somehow managed to find the opportunity to have colonic irrigation. "Unfortunately, we as a society have reached a place where we reflexively seek culprits to blame for our health challenges. " (Perlmutter,2011)
So let us clear this matter up once and for all. The gut flora that lives in your bowel is not hanging around aimlessly hoping that it won't be washed away the next time you have a bowel movement. Do you really think mother nature in all her genius would have designed gut flora that way when they serve so many important functions in the body? Gut flora lives in deep pockets of the mucosal layer of the bowel wall called lumen which means it lives deep inside the bowel wall and is perfectly adapted to staying put in a constantly moving and changing bowel that is designed to keep it there. Secondly, having colonic irrigation has until now been a treatment associated most commonly with royals, celebrities and the wealthy. That might be due to the fact that they generally have access to the best and most progressive doctors and health advisors. Whatever the reason, only a small percentage of the worlds population have the common sense to undergo colonics (something I firmly believe needs to change if we are to prevent bowel cancer and other diseases from developing). So how come the entire global population has imbalanced gut flora? Thirdly, the bowel is constantly dealing with water. If a colonic could wash gut flora way, this really would be a problem since the main function of the bowel is to draw water from faecal matter so that it can become solid and ready for excretion. It is a bit like suggesting that plants and flowers would be washed away by the rain so its best not to water them. Whomever came up with the idea that colonics could disturb gut flora proved just one thing to the world - that they knew absolutely nothing about the job of the bowel. What has caused the global problem of imbalanced gut flora what is thought to effect up to 90% of the western world is the use of anti-biotics. Imbalanced gut flora is directly linked to the use of anti-biotics to fight disease over the last century. "In the last century, it seems we've tried to shut nature out in a lot of ways, believing it harbours germs and deadly pathogens. After Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, we as a society got stuck on the germ theory of disease." (Perlmutter, D. 2011)

So what Is Your Gut and What Is Gut Health?

Your gut is your colon is your bowel is your large intestine. All of these four things refer to the same organ. Your gut is not your stomach, which many people believe it is. The term gut health means bowel health. At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics, we know that gut health forms the structure on which your overall health rests because imbalanced gut flora (the most familiar of which is known as Candida) is extremely common due to incorrect use of anti-biotics and other drugs.Dublin Vitality Centre is a functional gut health clinic which means that we start with gut health to correct a vast number of wellbeing issues that manifest from poor or imbalanced gut health. Imbalanced gut flora effects 90% of the population according to. Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Brain Maker, The Power Of Gut Microbes to Heal And Protect Your Brain - For Life.

Where Did The Idea of Gut Health Come From?

In the 1930s, a scientist named Minoru Shirota, discovered that certain cultures lived in the gut (aka colon, bowel). He found that care of the gut (colon) promoted long life. So he developed a drink called Yakult which contains probiotics, the food stuff that the gut flora needed . Since then many companies have developed probiotics but one thing must be remembered. Any oral probiotic must by-pass the digestive system, a system designed to kill bacteria. That is why the most direct way to re-populate gut flora is via a probiotic enema directly into the bowel. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we offer probiotic enemas. But research has shown that the best way to get live probiotic gut flora cultures into the gut is by probiotic enemas.

How Can We Fix Imbalanced Gut Flora And Strengthen The Gut?

Let us always remember that when we are talking about gut health, we are talking about bowel health. With over 10 years experience transforming health and wellbeing in Ireland, one thing that has become apparent, is the vast lack of education that people have about their gut and what it actually is. Many people will point vaguely towards their tummy. But that's not it at all. Let us get it very clear so that we can understand how a probiotic implant can help and what happens during this treatment.

gut = colon = bowel = large intestine


If you are interested in reading more about Gut Health, we offer a FREE book by author and founder of Vitality Centre clinics, Frances Flannery. Lets Talk About Happiness - The Ultimate Guide To Gut Health - is for anyone who wishes to learn how this humble organ has a profound and major influence on overall health and is intrinsically linked to mood.