A 14 day plant based diet and detox programme based on findings from the largest study of human nutrition every carried out, The China Study. This programme is wheat free, meat free, dairy free, sugar free and gluten free and delivers an alkalising effect to the cells and body. The result is natural easy weight loss and increased vitality and overall wellness in just two weeks.


A full colour booklet containing delicious plant based recipes.


A menu plan that offers you an easy to follow road map and ensure that you expand your knowledge of cooking plant based within the 14 day time period.


A shopping list of everything you will need to live and eat for the next two weeks.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

You can carry up to 20LBs of fecal matter in your bowel. With 3 x life changing detox treatments of colonic hydrotherapy at Vitality Centre, you will understand why this incredible treatment underpins all gut health and gut flora rehabilitation programmes and is recommended by Hollywood celebrities and world leading motivational experts like Tony Robbins and Patrick Holford

Liver Coffee Enema or Probiotic Implant

Your liver controls your metabolism. And your metabolism controls how much weight you lose. Detox your body of hormones from red meat and medication, alcohol, drugs and all the harmful chemicals and preservatives that exist in food , cleaning products and cosmetics and get ready to feel alive and energised from deep within. Alternatively choose to implant your gut flora garden at source with a probiotic implant in the bowel.