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Blood Sugar Balance Diet

According to the Harvard Medical Journal, a low carb diet that includes the correct balance of proteins, fats and healthy plant based greens can be more effective than low fat diets for optimal weight management. Candidiasis (candida) are fungi which result in yeast infections in the body and are caused primarily by the change of native bacteria through the use of antibiotics. Candida, the underlying cause of yeast infections is removed by keeping blood sugars balanced. Sugar in all its forms has been found to be a major contributor to gut health issues and can be the underlying trigger for IBS. If you are overweight and suffering from gut health issues like bloating, Candida, yeast infections, constipation, IBS and sugar cravings then the problem is very likely linked to hormonal imbalances of insulin through over consumption of sugar. This 14 day plan will totally transform the way your body metabolises sugar. It will remove sugar cravings, reduce your risk of diabetes, remove candida, increase energy and remove IBS related symptoms as well as enabling your body to shed excess fat. The Vitality Gut Instinct Low Carb Food Plan is especially for those who have ongoing gut health issues and who seek to achieve wellness and manage their weight through holistic transformative lifestyle changes. Change the quality of your life, reduce anxiety, increase energy and reach weight management goals whilst enjoying delicious nutritious real food.

14 Day Recipes

According to a Trinity College DNA study of thousands of Irish people, our genetics are unusually similar to the Basque people of northern spain. We thrive on certain foods and are drastically affected by others. By eating the specially selected foods on this 14 day plan, you will tap into the health potential of your hidden genetic code. These foods are those of are celtic cousins and result in weightloss, reduced bloating and increased energy. They will also remove sugar cravings and starve candida albicans in the gut.

Exercise Plan

Change your mind and your body with this unique combination of exercise and meditation. The programme includes an easy to follow three week workout plan designed for use at home or in the gym. Stretches and yoga moves that ensure reduced bloating and bowel health are provided. Transformation starts in the mind. Release the power of your potential with a 15 minute guided meditation channeled by celebrity author, Victoria Mary Clarke. Reduce IBS symptoms, anxiety, stress, bloating through movement and exercise

Colonic Hydrotherapy

You can carry up to 20LBs of fecal matter in your bowel. With 3 x life changing detox treatments of colonic hydrotherapy at Vitality Centre, you will understand why this incredible treatment underpins all gut health and gut flora rehabilitation programmes and is recommended by Hollywood celebrities and world leading motivational experts like Tony Robbins and Patrick Holford

Liver Coffee Enema or Probiotic Implant

Your liver controls your metabolism. And your metabolism controls how much weight you lose. Detox your body of hormones from red meat and medication, alcohol, drugs and all the harmful chemicals and preservatives that exist in food , cleaning products and cosmetics and get ready to feel alive and energised from deep within. Alternatively choose to implant your gut flora garden at source with a probiotic implant in the bowel.

Fat Loss Manual

If your body could talk, what would it say? In this educational guide to fat loss, you will learn about the drastic effect that sugar has on your body and hormones. This manual offer the tools you need to maintain healthy weight and vitality for the rest of your life.

Shopping List

A shopping list that includes everything you will need to live and eat The Vitality Gut Instinct DNA Diet for 14 days. No more wondering what to buy. No more crossed messages about healthy foods. This shopping list makes your new eating and living plan simple.

Supplement Plan

Recommended supplements to maximise your results and ensure you give your body everything it needs to succeed. Learn what nutrients can make your body hold onto excess weight. Get exactly what you need to start enjoying a lifetime of vitality and gut health.

Gut Health Guide

The definitive guide to gut health. Anxiety and depression are directly related to your bowel and toxicity. Have you ever felt depressed for no reason? Did you know that the very same drugs used for gut health issues such as IBS, are anti-depressants? There is a direct link between your mood, metabolism and your gut. Gut health means bowel health. Learn the fundamentals of a healthy gut with this comprehensive training manual.