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Food Intolerance Gut Health Package

Reduce Bloating, Kickstart Weight-Loss, Clear Up Gut Related Skin, Identify and Remove Food Triggers In 3 Weeks €399


Food Intolerance Test + Body MOT

Find out the foods that are causing bloating, cramping, skin conditions and weight gain with the MED II BioScan food intolerance test . With a database of 40K food and non food items, BioScan is the world leader in Food Intolerance Testing technology. Also, a FULL BODY MOT test of all body systems including hormonal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory and more.

Gut Health Guide

The definitive guide to gut health. This incredible document will give you a clear understanding of your bodies most complex and fascinating organ. Manage gut health issues like bloating and IBS. Learn how and why your health and happiness is intrinsically connected to your gut. A must for anyone who wants to optimise their health through wellness and to overcome debilitating gut health issues once and for all.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

You can carry up to 20LBs of fecal matter in your bowel. With 3 x life changing detox treatments of colonic hydrotherapy at Vitality Centre, you will understand why this incredible treatment underpins all gut health and gut flora rehabilitation programmes and is recommended by Hollywood celebrities and world leading motivational experts like Tony Robbins and Patrick Holford

Liver Coffee Enema or Probiotic Implant

Your liver controls your metabolism. And your metabolism controls how much weight you lose. Detox your body of hormones from red meat and medication, alcohol, drugs and all the harmful chemicals and preservatives that exist in food , cleaning products and cosmetics and get ready to feel alive and energised from deep within. Alternatively choose to implant your gut flora garden at source with a probiotic implant in the bowel.