V-MAT Biomat

Experience the V-Mat biomat, the professional practitioners Biomat choice. If you wish to purchase a home health device that may help reduce painful back ache and muscle cramps, come to Dublin Vitality Centre and try the V-Mat - the professsional practitioners Biomat choice.

You may be aware of the incredible health giving benefits of Far Infra Red light. This natural spectrum of sunlight offers advanced healing properties which have been proven to help with a number of ailments. The Vitality Biomat (V-Mat) can be used to relieve cramps and discomfort caused by gut health and bowel issues such as IBS.

A Natural Wellbeing Product To Sooth IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Because the rays of Far Infra Light are emitted up to 7 inches into the body, the mat offer excellent relief for those who are suffering from cramping and other muscular aches caused by IBS. Lying on the mat for 40 minutes every day can offer relief from cramping of the muscles including that of the bowel and back. These are the areas where people who suffer from gut health issues such as IBS are often effected.

We all know that natural sunlight is good for us. But did you know that Far Infrared Light (FIR) is the exact spectrum of the suns energy the offers the healing properties that we need. Far Infra Red Light is the part of sunlight that gives our body energy to heal. This incredible natural energy is combined with 28LBs of amethyst crystal to produce a home healthcare product that is transformation for you health.

Available exclusively at Vitality Centre clinics in Ireland, The V-Mat is a unique therapeutic device which produces FIR. These rays are far infra red light are incorporated into a mat which can be used daily to achieve optimal wellbeing benefits at home.

How Does V-Mat Biomat Amethyst Device Actually Work?

The V-Mat Biomat produces far infra red light heat. This heat is amplified through a layer of up to 28LBs of amethyst crystal. The amplification allows the heat to enter deeper into the body heating core body temperature on a very deep level. Heat is essential for the normal functioning of the human body. This internal temperature must be maintained so that pH can be regulated, cell voltage optimized and that the body can be healthy and disease free. The overall normal body temperature varies from a minimum of 97.7° Fahrenheit (36.5° Celsius) to a maximum of almost 99.5° Fahrenheit (37.5° Celsius). The core body temperature of a human body is an important factor, which is always why it should be considered while evaluating the health condition during a checkup.

What Is The V-Mat Biomat Beneficial For?

  • Gut Health Issues
  • Back Ache
  • Age related conditions
  • Reduce Pre Menstrual Symptoms
  • Menopause
  • Emotional States
  • Feeling Down
  • Restlessness
  • Bowel Function
  • Circulation
  • Menstrual Cycle Related Issues
  • Indigestion
  • Hot Flushes

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Irish therapists are tuned into the natural healing power of the earth. Our ancient heritage and shamanic history gives us an innate understanding of things that science is only beginning to grasp. All natural stones have frequencys that offer wellbeing properties. We also know that the natural heat from the sun is the source of all life. That spectrum of sunlight is called far infra red. The V-Mat Biomat combines the healing power of amethyst, the great conductor of energy with far infra red to create a wellbeing device that soothes and balances the intricate energy paths of the physical body . Since 2015, the V-Mat has been available in Ireland and has become the No.1 professional compliementary practitioners choice due to our superior product, excellent customer service and and aftersales care. Our showrooms are located right on Grafton Street in the heart of Dublin city centre. You can purchase the V-Mat online today and enjoy FREE delivery anywhere in Ireland


Please ensure to use the address that you would like the Biomat V-Mat Shipped to. Alternatively email us at info@dublinvitalitycenter.com with your correct details.

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