Skin Needling

Recommended Treatment Plan:

What Is The Best Skin Treatment For Fine Lines?

We recommend that you book a skin assessment to determine exactly the skin package for your skin concern, however, the following is a popular skin plan outline for those who have fine lines.

Skin Needling

To book a skin assessment, please book any skin treatment mentioned in the plan above. Then email us that you would like us to advise you of a course of action for your skin. We will do this at your first appointment with us.

At Vitality Centre, we offer two distinct forms of skin needling:

1. Medical Microneedling - For Acne Scaring, Advanced Wrinkles, Open Pores

2. Nano Needling - For Prevention, Dehydrated or Dull Skin, For Younger Skin Concerns

Nano needling is used in combination with Vitamin A Retinaldehyde and other skin nutrients to gently and effectively enhance the appearance of the dermis where scarring and advanced wrinkles are not the main concern.


1. Level 1 - Light fine lines - Nano Needling
2. Level 2 - Fine lines and dehydration - Nano Needling
3. Level 3 - Fines lines, open pores, scaring
4. Level 4 - Deep Wrinkles or Scaring
5. Level 5 - Significant Deep Wrinkles and Sun Damage

Where skin shows signs of light aging, dehydration and modest open pores, nano skin needling is combined with Vitamin A Retinaldehyde Facial Infusions to effectively increase the delivery and effectiveness of the product within the dermis.

How Nano Needling Works

Nano Needling is carried out by a "pen like" device which is almost identical to a micro needling device. The main difference between the two treatments is that nano needling does not penetrate or pierce the skin or cause any bleeding. Instead it pushes the Vitamin A and other skin nutrients into the skin by way of a high speed vibration which is caused by blunt needles hitting off the surface of the skin at high speed and in rotation.

The treatment is pleasant and pain free. There is minimal downtime and make up can be applied after one hour.

Why Choose Nano Needling

If you are seeking a treatment which offers exceptional results with less downtime that traditional microneedling or if you do not have heavy scarring or wrinkling then nano needling is a perfect choice for you because it delivers incredible results and may be used as a preventative measure by packing the skin with nutrients so that free radicals and aging factors are negated.


  • Fine Lines
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Open Pores
  • Dull skin
  • Light aging
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Skin lacking elasticity
  • Free radicals that cause aging (prevention)

Holistic Medi Facial

At Vitality Centre Nano Needling is accompanied by an Osmosis Holistic Facial whereby natural minerals and vitamins are freshly mixed to suit your particular skin concern. These are gently layered and infused into your skin. Our our products are 100% organic, non tested on animals and contain only the best quality herbs and minerals. What makes our this process so special is that the natural ingredients are sent 600% deeper into the skin due to a medical breakthrough product known as PhosPhatydlcholine which increases absorption and carries the healing natural minerals into the each and every skin cell. That is why our treatments get real and lasting results.