It’s time to overcome the fear and shame that is standing in the way of optimal vitality and wellbeing by garnering an understanding of the fundamentals of gut health. Even Hippocrates the father of medicine knew that. In 500AD, he said ‘all wellness starts in the gut.’

Vitality Center Dublin has been providing gut health therapies in Dublin for over a decade. Through excellence of treatment, advanced training standards and dedicated practice, our aim is to promote a philosophy known as Gut Happiness, a gut health wellbeing ideology that sets out to honor the large intestine, to elevate it to its portentous moment in history and to make it centre stage within the wellbeing milieu so that it might be appreciated at last for its mult-faceted ingenuity, and happiness giving properties.


The wellbeing challenges created by the global pandemic of 2020 are far ranging. There is only so much that doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals can do to support the millions who are struggling through the anxiety created by lives thrown into chaos. If we, as a global community are to prevent ourselves from becoming unwell, what we must do is understand how to stay well. The gut is the source of wellness.

If we really care about our wellbeing, it is time to take ownership of that which is rightfully ours; of knowledge, gut instinct and ancient wisdom. Because only in doing that might we reclaim our vitality, and learn to unlock the whole story, the incredible fascinating history described by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians when they documented treatments like colonic hydrotherapy, liver cleansing and eating a clean diet for a peaceful calm body inside and out. The story of gut health, colonic hydrotherapy, and nutritional therapy is not new. The practice of using water to naturally restore the body is not new. What is new is that we know now that when our gut is imbalanced, our entire systems are out of sync. Our bodies are made up of eighty percent water. Water has the power to revitalise us without disturbing delicate balance that exists inside us because we are water.


Our Story – The Water Well Man of Co. Meath

Up until 1950s in Ireland, if you wanted to find water for a new well, you called the official county water diviner. Maybe it was to do with the forces and power of the ancient land of Tara Hill where he worked, or maybe it was the magnetic pull of his physical body but for over fifty years, that water diviner never could wear a watch without it stopping. During that time, he located wells for the hundreds of new farmers who came to Meath from the west of Ireland. He travelled far and wide on his bicycle meeting these new people and he heard of remedies passed down by word of mouth for centuries often in Gaelic. This man is the grandfather of Frances Flannery, founder of Vitality Centre clinics.

It is upon this family legacy and respect for water and its healing properties that Vitality Centre Dublin was forged and built over a decade ago in Ireland. With a flagship location now on Grafton Street, Vitality Centre Dublin is Irelands best loved gut health and body cleansing therapy clinic and the only globally recognised I-ACT training standard for colonic hydrotherapy in the land.

Thank you to all our clients, family and friends. Frances Flannery

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Our Gut Health Treatments

At Vitality Centre, we offer food intolerance testing, colonic hydrotherapy, gut health probiotic implants and liver coffee enemas. At Vitality Centre Grafton Street, we provide non-peroxide laser teeth whitening in a beautiful clinical space overlooking Trinity College. All our treatments are designed to encourage homeostasis of the body.

Irelands Colonic Hydrotherapy Training Centre

Most people do not even consider colonic hydrotherapy long enough to do research on it. But when it comes to colonic hydrotherapy, there are two distinct treatment options. If privacy is your concern The Harley Street Method available exclusively at Vitality Centre Dublin is the least invasive. In fact, it is a hands off process which involves minimal contact and absolute privacy. Not all gut cleanses are the same, but as Irelands only I-ACT accredited training facility, the only training recognised worldwide and in the USA where colonic hydrotherapy is regulated by law, we embrace all methods. We consider that once colonic hydrotherapy is performed by a trained professional using advanced FDA approved equipment, disposable tubes; once hygiene standards meet the ones that we at Vitality Centre Dublin adhere to, once a respect for the privacy and anguish that bowel issues can create exists, colonic hydrotherapy is a wonderful treatment which very often is the answer to IBS, constipation, skin problems, bloating, anxiety, mood-dips, and candida related problems. When done by a qualified therapist colonic hydrotherapy and most especially colonics with probiotic implants are highly effective. We recommend that confirmation be made when booking that your treatment is carried out to the highest standards, is done using FDA approved equipment with disposable tubes by a qualified person as is the recommended standard by Vitality Centre Dublin, Irelands only I-ACT accredited training school.

Direct Gut Flora Probiotic Implantation

According to world leading gut health experts and medical doctors, probiotics introduced directly into the bowel are the most effective way to win the battle of imbalanced gut flora.



"When I fly or go on holidays, my bowel stops moving. All my hard dieting work and gym exercise seems futile. I am left feeling heavy and depressed and my clothes are uncomfortable. Weight loss has become more and more difficult for me."


"I didn't like the bathroom when I was in primary school and so I avoided using them, preferring to wait until I got home. I have carried this habit into adult life repeating this behaviour in college and then in my work life. I can put off going to the loo, until I really really have to. I suffer from constipation often. My bowel is sluggish and won't move by itself."


"I often experience cramping and bloating but I have not found a solid plan of action for this. I have been told I have IBS but I am unsure how to manage it. I find it hard to get up in the morning and I am sometimes late for work because of this.


"I'm prone to hormonal breakouts on my chin and psoriasis even though I am an adult. I absolutely CANNOT lose weight, no matter how hard I work out or diet. I have tried every diet under the sun and feel particularly bad on juice cleanses or raw food diets. I want to know how to manage my own gut health and avoid bloating once and for all. "


Over the past ten years, Vitality Centre Dublin has helped thousands and thousands of people like you. All have similar stories. Many of whom have experienced dramatic improvements to their life and wellbeing with a Vitality Gut Health Plan.

As the world returns to health, now is the perfect time to cleanse, replant and restore the gut and bowel using advanced I-ACT certified FDA approved colonic hydrotherapy and nutritional therapies. Because colonic hydrotherapy at Dublin Vitality Centre is carried out using only the most advanced Harley Street Method - a hands-off protocol - the treatment can be done whilst respecting social distancing at all times.


Vitality Centre Dublin clinics are designed to accommodate one person at a time. You should follow the Covid19 guidelines when visiting us by coming individually and leaving loved ones and children at home. Please ensure to book in advance via our website or telephone and bring your own PPE mask. Anti-bacterial hand solutions and gloves are provided in the clinics.

We provide everything needed for treatment. Please do not bring in towels or other items except any PPE that you wish to wear. You can rest assured that you will experience no loss of privacy or breach of social distancing at Vitality Centre Dublin due to the fact that the Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy enables self-insertion of the speculum. Tubes are considerable smaller than those found in traditional methods of colonic hydrotherapy that you may have seen online whereby the therapist holds the tube in place.

As per I-ACT standards speculum tubes are strictly disposable. As per I-ACT standards, the cleansing and disinfection protocols which we adhere to have not changed. Because we are the only I-ACT globally recognised training school for colonic hydrotherapy in Ireland, we have always maintained the highest possible internationally cleansing standards known as ‘Universal Standards’ which are designed for universal considerations around disease control and prevention and follow guidelines to ensure optimal hygiene including the use of CDC a clinical hospital grade cleansing solution recommended universally for optimal disease, infection and virus control and prevention.

Why Have Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy may be the first step to better gut health because it may clear your gut garden of colonies of imbalanced gut flora like candida, SIBO and toxins such as Alpha Synuclein, a toxin that resides in the appendix and which has been scientifically proven to be found in the bowel of those with Parkinsons Disease. Hippocrates, the father of all medicine said “All disease starts in the bowel” two thousand years ago. Now it seems like scientific evidence is connecting the dots, at last.

Colonics And Probiotics Work In Tandem

Ordinary everyday healthy people carry kilos of impacted faecal matter in their bowel which they are quite unaware of until they notice unpleasant side effects like poor digestion, bloating and unexplained smelly breath. Masses of impacted faecal matter is a breathing ground for bad gut flora, inflammation and toxicity. That is why it makes sense to clear the overgrowth of “gut weeds” before planting new seeds in the form of probiotics. Because probiotics are just seed of new gut flora for your bowel. They will not help to remove the overgrowths of unhealthy gut flora that are already there. Consider your gut to be a microscopic garden and then you get the picture. Any sensible gardener would always start by clearing away debris before planting new seeds. And that is why colonic hydrotherapy works in tandem with probiotics. It is not a case of one or the other. Very often, it is a case of both. First clear with colonics. Then replant with probiotics just as you would do in a real life garden situation.

Did You Know that Body Cleansing was once a Sacred Spiritual Practice?

There are records that describe ancient forms of body cleansing. In the book of Essene, a book found in Israel in the 1940s, believed by some to be part of the original bible, there is a line that says. ‘Eat of your mother, if you wish to know your father,’ This means, eat food that comes from mother earth if you wish to increase your spiritual awareness and inner peace – the earth representing the mother; spirituality the father.

Incidentally, the same book outlines an ancient form of gut cleansing irrigation which again was undertaken by the Essenes for spiritual purity and enlightenment. Essene means peace and it is quite true that when we eat a diet rich in fresh plant based whole foods that are free of hormones, additives, preservatives and animal protein, we induce a feeling of peace and bring nutrients that the body recognises as food into every living cell of the body. Take a look at this fascinating short movie to learn more about ancient gut health practices.

Feeling Surprisingly Great After Colonic Irrigation?

You may have heard from someone you know who had colonic irrigation that they felt surprisingly great afterwards. Its certainly a treatment that celebrities swear by and we at Vitality Centre have helped a few Hollywood A-Listers to feel better. Because we are globally recognised school, they get referrals from their local practitioners in LA or New York. But you don’t have to be an A-List celebrity to benefit or to feel better by caring for your bowel. One theory for why there is an almost universal feeling of increased wellbeing is that colonic irrigation removes impaction and increases peristaltic action of the gut. This likely kick-starts the production of serotonin there (remember up to 95% of the feel good hormone is produced in the bowel). Most people would agree that cleansing away years of impaction from the bowel with colonic irrigation seems like a good idea, a little like clearing lime scale off the pipes of your home plumbing system is a good idea or changing the oil in your car. It’s a no brainer and it just makes sense. And that brings us nicely to the next question. So if its so great, why is everybody in the world not doing it as part of their wellness strategy. The answer to that is very simple. People just don’t like the idea of it because they are unaware of the ‘hands off” non-contact version called the Harley Street Method that we offer at Vitality Centre Dublin. Lets face it. Nobody wants to have someone put a large tube into their rectum. That is why we have introduced a newer method that allows self-insertion of an incredibly small tube that only goes into the body about an inch.


If you always wanted to try colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy (its other name) but were put off by the loss of privacy, Vitality Centre Dublin has good news for you. The Harley Street Method is an advanced FDA approved Med II method whereby it is possible to undergo colonic irrigation in absolute privacy. Tubes are considerably smaller than traditional methods (approximately the size of the tip of a pen and only inserted about 1 inch into the body). It is designed for self insertion of the tube and the system is equipped with a mini personal shower, automatic odour vacuum and many other features which make colonic hydrotherapy accessible to those who are challenged by the idea of a loss of privacy. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about colonic irrigation and try The Harley Street Method today. You wont look back. Vitality Centre Dublin is an I-ACT internationally certified school of training for colonic hydrotherapy. I-ACT is the only qualification accepted in the USA where the the profession of colonic hydrotherapy is regulated by law.


Its important to consider a course of at least 3 treatments. That is because the first will often loosen built up impacted matter. The second will often start the removal of it and the third will complete the job. That’s the situation for someone who is chronically impacted and sadly most people with digestion, bloating, skin congestion and gut health issues usually are. After a course of treatments its usual to feel:

  • Happier
  • Less Bloating
  • Less Cravings
  • Improved Symptoms of IBS
  • Less Constipation
  • Less Diarrhoea
  • Calmer
  • Clearer Skin
  • Eyes Sparkle
  • Clearer Mind
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Lighter
  • Motivated to eat healthier
  • Flatter Tummy
  • More Regular Bowel Movement
  • Reduced Cramping & Digestive Issues
  • Less Irritation of Skin
  • Fresh Breath
  • Overall Increased Vitality and Wellbeing

The number one reason that we see for people choosing to have colonics is to kickstart a healthy living routine and especially when weight-loss has come to a grinding halt for no apparent reason. The good news is that clients averagely report weight dropping by 3 LBs after they undergo the treatment. At Vitality Centre, we are all about making your experience pleasant because we understand so well the benefits and so well that you are nervous. And we are here to make it easy and pleasant for you. That is really what we are all about at Vitality Centre Dublin.


Vitality Gut Health Plans are different from any other diet or lifestyle programmes because they include advanced deep body detoxification colonic hydrotherapy and liver coffee enemas to cleanse and restore the bodies main eliminatory organs and to remove years and years of built up fecal matter and impaction that adheres to the walls of your colon and impairs optimal wellbeing.

If you suffer from any of the following , you may benefit from colonic hydrotherapy combined with the correct Vitality Gut Health Nutritional Programme to suit you.

  • Constipation
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Bags & Dark Circles Under Eyes
  • Insomnia
  • Gas And Indigestion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression & Anger
  • Fatigue
  • Acne , Psoriasis, Ezcema
  • Body Odor & Bad Breath
  • Weightgain & Weightloss Plateaus

Which Gut Health Or Detox Programme Is Right For Your?

Plan A





Spots, acne, rosacea


Bloating, cramping


Weight management


Sinus issues

Rashes & Flushing

Nausea after eating

Low mood/anxiety

Plan B




Yeast Infections

Fungal nail, toe

Eczema, Psoriasis

Ongoing antibiotics

Itchy scalp, eyes

Mood swings

Hormonal imbalances

Gain weight easily

Prevent diabetes

Sugar cravings

Insomnia, Depression

Vegan transition

Plan C





Weight loss

Increase vitality

Remove gluten

Remove meat

Remove dairy

Illness recovery



Heart health

Vegan transition

Choose the programme that has 2 or more matches to you


Plan A



This package is ideal for those who suffer with bloating and constipation who wish to identify responsible foods causing gut health and digestive issues like IBS . Kickstart weightloss and bowel function with a total cleanse which includes 3 weekly sessions of colonic hydrotherapy and one coffee enema as well as food intolerance test using advanced BioScan MED II technology .

Plan B



This nutritional plan is delivered via an online app which means that you have 24 hour access to everything you need to transform your wellbeing and gut health. You will also visit Vitality Centre for three weekly sessions of colonic hydrotherapy and undergo a liver coffee enema detox on the third week. The Gut Instinct Diet is a ketogenic diet which is ideal for those who are gluten intolerance, wish to remove candida and yeast disbiosis in the gut, have ongoing hormonal imbalances, have diabetes type II, suffer from bloating and fatigue and wish to reduce body fat.

Plan C



The 14 Day Skinny Cleanse Diet Plan and Detox is a plant based lifestyle change which is ideal for those who are seeking to remove wheat, meat, dairy, gluten and sugar from their diet and who seek to detox the body for optimal weight management and health.


Did you know, James Joyce died of a gut health related issue?
Dublin’s most renowned writer James Joyce said ‘The object of the artist is the creation of the beautiful. What the beautiful is, is another question.’ Gut Happiness is a wellbeing philosophy that proposes that since the gut is the bearer of wellbeing and happiness, and since it is more adept than the heart at feeling, it should be looked upon with the same poetic deference. James Joyce died of a gut health related issues, an undiagnosed ulcer of the small intestine. In 2022, Ulysses celebrates its centenary. Vitality Centre at 2 Grafton Street is located inside a Joycean building. We invite you to find out more by taking time to read about our building in Ulysses with a short exhibition.

best treatment for ibs bloating constipation colonic irrigation
colonic irrigation probiotic enemas gut health IBS constipation bloating grafton street ballsbridge blanchardstown
colonic irrigation probiotic enemas gut health IBS constipation bloating grafton street ballsbridge blanchardstown
colonic irrigation probiotic enemas gut health IBS constipation bloating grafton street ballsbridge blanchardstown
colonic irrigation probiotic enemas gut health IBS constipation bloating grafton street ballsbridge blanchardstown
colonic irrigation probiotic enemas gut health IBS constipation bloating grafton street ballsbridge blanchardstown