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What Does Colonic Irrigation Do to Improve Gut Health, Wellbeing and Skin?

Many people believe that colonics can remove harmful, toxic waste and also that it may tone, hydrate and rejuvenate the colon muscle. Over the years, advocates of colonic hydrotherapy have reported the following benefits. 

● Boosted weight-loss when combined with lifestyle changes

● Reduced bloating, and heaviness

● Improved skin conditions when combined with lifestyle changes

● Improved cognition by removing brain fog 

● Exercises the bowel and gut

● Increased transit times

● Removal of old waste from bowel walls

● Improved water absorption and hydration of colon and liver

No, but it is recommended to avoid fizzy drinks (including carbonated water), alcohol, processed foods, and extreme exercise as part of aftercare. Many people do opt to make healthy positive lifestyle changes in tandem with undergoing body cleansing and gut health protocols though. You may familiarise yourself with pre-care and aftercare recommendations available here. 


How many colonic hydrotherapy treatments are recommended?

Many people chose to undergo a course of 3 treatments in the case of bloating and constipation, and also in the case where there are skin conditions including acne.

colonic irrigation gut health dublin

Many people chose to undergo CLP, a three week gut health course that aims to cleanse, boost liver function and replant gut flora. 

  • Week 1: The first week includes ordinary colonic hydrotherapy. 
  • Week 2: The next week includes a colonic followed by a liver coffee enema.
  •  Week 3: On week three, a probiotic implant is brought into the gut.

No, but it is important to avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol, and processed foods as part of aftercare. Many people do opt to make healthy positive lifestyle changes in tandem with colonic cleansing. Be sure to follow colonic pre-care and aftercare available here.


Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Probiotic Implant


Many people chose to undergo a three week gut health course. The first week typically includes ordinary colonic hydrotherapy. The next week includes a colonic with a liver coffee enema to boost the function of the main detox and immune organ. And on week three, a probiotic implant is  often brought into the gut.


How many colonics in a course?

Many people  chose to undergo 3 colonic treatments. You may notice the following benefits over 14 days as your body rids itself of toxins such as meat, wheat, diary, sugar and gluten and comes into balance. 

  • It is typical for people to combine colonics with dietary changes. It has become popular to undergo a three week plant based programme in combination with colonic cleansing.  A typical plant based programme include the following. If you are planning a body cleanse in combination with a plant based living programme, you may chose to include the following in your daily nutritional plan:
  • Plant based food plan
  • Hot lemon and water instead of coffee
  • Green Juices
  • Vitamins and nutrients
  • 2 Litres of fresh water
  • Digestive enzymes 
  • Oral probiotics
  • 3 x Colonic Irrigation 
  • 1 x liver coffee enema on the 2nd week
  • 1 x probiotic implant on 3rd week

Many people report the following benefits when colonics are combined with healthy lifestyle changes:

  • Increased fat loss
  • Inch loss around the waist
  • Improved skin conditions
  • Increased energy
  • Sleep improves
  • Lifted mood
  • No hunger

Three Week Gut Cleanse 

Some people chose to undertake plant based living when having colonics. Based on findings by Dr. Thomas Campbell, author of The China Study, there is a staggering body of research to support taking a break from heavy toxins in food. His recommendations on plant based living are considered to be the most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever carried out. 
Eating Plant Based for 14 Days whilst undergoing colonics
Many people chose to combine colonics with a temporary switch to plant based living. Bill Clinton, Tobey Maguire, Pamela Anderson, Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman and Chris Martin are advocates of  detoxing through veganism. Professor of Nutrition, Dr. Thomas Campbell has found that this type of plant based nutritional plan can reduce disease, remove food intolerances, activate weight loss and clean the body of harmful toxins and latent illnesses.

GMTV Drop a Dress Size Challenge with Colonics

Why do I feel better after colonics?

Believe it not, 95% of your bodies feel good hormone, seratonin, is produced in your gut. The gut is another name for the small and large intestine. The large intestine is your bowel. If your bowel is impacted with toxins, you will probably be suffering from low mood and even depression. That’s why good gut health, and a healthy diet combined with colonic hydrotherapy may help kickstart your bowel and may boost mood naturally.

At Vitality Centre Dublin, you will find the most advanced method of colonic hydrotherapy in the world. This method is called The Harley Street Method, because it is the treatment used on the famous London street known for its exceptional level of health care worldwide.

What Does Colonic Irrigation Do?

A colonic removes not only harmful, toxic waste, but also is believed by some to  tone, hydrate and rejuvenate the colon muscles. Thats because the repeated uptake and release of water is believed to improve the colons peristaltic action and simultaneously reduce the transit time of feacal matter. 

In addition, colonic irrigation at Vitality Centre Dublin may help to restore the colons natural shape, and stimulate the reflex  points that connect the colon with all parts of the body. Some people believe that colonic cleansing can detach layers of waste from the colon walls, which ostensibly permits better water absorption, mineral absorption, and hydration of the colon and the body as a whole. 3 colonic sessions is the recommended protocol. Any improvements in the bowels muscular function can be expected only when other lifestyle changes are undertaken. 

Why do colonics help the bowel?

 It has been suggested that colonics may help the muscular wall of the bowel in much the same way that physio or gym attendance benefits the bodies other muscles. Of course any muscle improvements take time. So too might any potential benefits to the bowel or gut happen over a period of time. That is why many people consider undergoing several sessions. Colonic irrigation at Vitality Centre Dublin may be beneficial to remove toxins, reduce bloating and brighten skin in combination with a healthy diet and exercise plan.


For those seeking the very best treatments in the world, there is one street that means quality and advanced care. That street is Harley Street, London. On this highly prestigious street, you will find the worlds best surgeons, doctors and colonic hydrotherapy clinics. For many years, Harley Street has been offering their highly acclaimed treatments to an exclusive clientele.  Now it is possible to undergo The Harley Street Method of Colonic Hydrotherapy right in the heart of Dublin centre. 

Vitality Centre Dublin offers the latest and most advanced method of colonic irrigation, the very one used on London’s most famous health and wellbeing street. This wonderful body detox treatment has received rave reviews with many people claiming to have experienced incredible inch loss and tummy flattening  benefits. 

Tried and Tested On GMTV

Clare Young (The Apprentice) tried out this popular “Harley Street Method” of colonic hydrotherapy treatment to see if it could help her in the “Drop A Dress Size” challenge on live TV. The results were astounding with Clare seeing a drop of 3LBS after just one treatment of The Harley Street Method of Colonic of Hydrotherapy. Take a look here. 


See Harley Street Method Review on GMTV


Are you getting the results you wanted from all that hard core exercise and gym work? If not, the problem could be down to a hormonal imbalance resulting from too much cortisol in the liver. Exercise creates stress and stress creates cortisol. And when cortisol builds up, it can slow down weight loss. Many advanced exercise and fitness experts recommend cleansing out the liver and hydrating the body (with colonics) in a bid to reduce the build up of cortisol and get weight loss back on track. A course of colonic hydrotherapy when combined with diet and lifestyle changes may empower the body and mind. If getting the weight loss edge is a goal, and that hard work in the gym is not working, it could be an idea to introduce body cleansing along with healthy diet and lifestyle changes. 


That is the reason why so many people are now choosing to undergo colonic hydrotherapy detox and liver cleansing at Vitality Centre Dublin, in combination with diet and exercise training programmes.


The fact is hormones such as cortisol often accumulate in the liver, as a result of a new exercise programmes .  Exercise causes stress in the body. That’s a fact. Cortisol is the stress hormone your body produces as result of stress. So very often called “the catch 22 of fat loss”, this hormone can result from high intensity training. Basically, the body doesn’t know what’s hit it with so much extra load, and so it initially produces the stress hormone cortisol which makes fat loss difficult.

Colonics and liver cleansing are said to remove toxins including the excess cortisol from the liver with the aim of helping you get the results you deserve…fast.


Carol Vordeman has been recommending colonic irrigation as part of her 28 Day fast for years. Same too for the famous, Dr. Gillian Mckeith who starts every weight loss client with Colonic Irrigation on her TV programme You Are What You Eat. If you sign up for Tony Robbins $30K a week transformation programme, you can expect to have colonics everyday. (And he prefers The Harley Street Method at his seminars too). 

A high percentage of celebrity nutritionists and functional medicine experts recommend colonic irrigation due to its incredible effect on the bodies hormonal system, and its other proposed benefits. 

Personal trainer to the stars, Tracy Anderson recommends colonic irrigation to her clients of which Gwyneth Paltrow is one. That’s because she knows that a hydrated body which is free of toxins and hormones is far more likely to achieve excellent results in the gym than a body that is full of toxins. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you tried the Harley Street Method of Colonic Hydrotherapy for yourself at Dublin Vitality Centre?

Advocates of colonic hydrotherapy have reported the following benefits and many people believe it can help with the following:

Below is a list of benefits which colonic irrigation may offer when combined with dietary and lifestyle changes. 


For those who suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), colonic irrigation at Vitality Centre Dublin may certainly be considered as part of  their recovery plan along with correcting the diet and reducing stress.



When the body is over run with toxins and is dehydrated, the result is often reduced levels of energy. Colonic irrigation adds a flush of clean fresh water to revitalise the cells which may boost energy and reduce fatigue.


Bloating may be caused by gas and mucous in the colon. Colonic irrigation may help to clear and reduce bloating immediately.


The sinus is an area of the face which becomes inflamed when toxic overload reaches critical levels and the body can no longer cope. Colonic irrigation may help clear the sinus of its toxic load by taking the pressure off the underlying and main detox organs. Some people report less congestion around the nose, and this is thought to relieve headaches. 


Stress and toxins are linked. A body which is overloaded with toxins may not be able to fully relax. Colonic irrigation may help.


Many people experience changes in bowel function around the time of their period. When excessive hormones are released during the pre-menstrual phase, they may accumulate and cause PMT or PMS symptoms including bloating, and constipation,  irritability and mood swings. Colonic Irrigation may help reduce bloating and constipation which are common symptoms of PMT. 


A body which is toxic, over weight or stressed may not be as receptive to fertilisation. Colonic Irrigation is sometimes combined with health programmes and changes to diet and lifestyle to boost wellbeing. 


Did you know drugs similar to anti-depressants are used to treat IBS? That’s because Serotonin is produced in the colon as well as in the brain. It is thought to be produced in the colon as a stimulant to enable peristaltic action or movement of faecal matter along its 5 foot journey. Constipation can lead to dips in mood. Colonic irrigation my help lift mood by removing the underlying cause if that is related to constipation.


A physical link exists between the colon and the brain. It is generally accepted that stress, irritability and depression may be linked to the gastro intestinal tract. A typical wellbeing plan for many people who suffer from mood issues is to introduce health and wellbeing initiatives including colonics. 


Known triggers of migraines include alcohol, smoking or exposure to environmental toxins. Weather changes, allergies, altitude changes, jet lag, hormonal changes, stress, sun glare, flashing lights, and constipation are all triggers. Colonic irrigation can detox the body and remove constipation which may be the cause of headaches in some cases. 


Digestion and constipation patients who have chronic bowel problems can suffer from backache, due to “referred” pain. “Referred” pain is where pain from one organ or system is passed to another area. Colonic irrigation may help relieve constipation and therefore reduce back pain.



Bad breath is known as Halitosis. It might be surprising to learn that bad breath is a commonly overlooked symptom of constipation, but it makes perfect sense when you consider that the mouth is the first part of the digestive tract and the colon is the last. Therefore the odour of putrid matter impacted in the colon may become evident on the breath.

Colonic irrigation may remove impacted matter and thereby reduce bad breath.


Body odour may be caused by a zinc deficiency, diabetes or liver disease, chronic constipation and certain parasites. Colonic Irrigation may help remove the offending underlying problem if that is caused by constipation.


Herbalists explain that when liver chi (energy) stagnates, mood swings, irritability, constipation and water retention can become evident. The practice of cleansing the body and colon with colonic irrigation may reduce these symptoms when combined with dietary an lifestyle changes. 


Very often skin problems are caused by circulating toxins on the inside of the body. If this is the case, no amount of lotions or potions or topical treatments can help. It is necessary to detox from within. Colonic hydrotherapy and liver coffee enemas may be beneficial to detoxify the body. 

Always combine colonics with healthy lifestyle and dietary changes for optimal wellbeing results.