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Do you have a white tongue?

Some people believe that colonics can  physically remove colonies of overgrown imbalanced gut bacteria overgrowths like Candida from deep inside the gut wall. Others say that a white tongue confirms Candida is present in the gut. That is why advocates of natural wellness consider colonic hydrotherapy a key part of restorative gut and wellbeing protocols. 

How does a white tongue relate to candida in the gut?

It is thought that candida creeps up the digestive tract during the night when no saliva is there to wash it away and
so you can see it in the morning. It is believed by many that candida is the underlying cause of serious disruptions to health and wellbeing and is a major concern as it results in thrush, skin rashes, sore throats and skin problems. 

Have you taken antibiotics?

Do you suffer from bloating, skin problems, brain fog, or mood dips?

All of these may be linked to imbalanced gut flora which is why probiotic implants are an
important part of some peoples gut health and wellbeing protocol at Dublin Vitality Centre. Everywhere we go, we are bombarded  toxins. We hear so much with information about probiotics, microbiomes and live cultures. This is great news. Functional gut health practitioners and wellness practitioners have been preaching about the benefits of probiotics for decades.  At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics, it is possible to benefit from what some say is the most direct approach to restoring gut flora naturally. This is a treatment called direct probiotic implants, or probiotic

What is a probiotic?

Probiotics like acidophilus are gut flora which live in the bowel. Gut health protocols at Dublin
Vitality Centre aim to rebalance gut flora by replanting and restoring the bowel in combination with taking oral probiotics and undergoing healthy lifestyle and dietary changes. 

What is a probiotic implant or probiotic enema?

Most of us have had reason to take medications or have been exposed to toxic material. That is why we all need probiotics. It has now been confirmed that almost
everyone in the western world has imbalanced gut flora. Introducing a high quality pre and
probiotic orally and having probiotic implants – which are live cultures of microbiome administered
directly into the bowel via an enema implant after colonic hydrotherapy – has become for many people a popular way of tackling imbalanced gut flora in combination with other recommended healthy lifestyle protocols, and dietary changes. 

Can colonics wash away gut flora in the bowel?

No. This age old old myth preferred by some who object to natural wellness treatments has been blasted by the findings of Yoko Uchiyama-Tanaka who undertook a scientific study using colonics and gut flora. 

A probiotic enema is a treatment wherein a culture of live gut flora is introduced directly into the bowel to restore gut flora at source.


Colonic hydrotherapy combined with probiotic enema implants would seem to many the most direct way to remove Candida and replant good gut flora directly into the gut.

For many advocates of natural wellbeing, it is considered a fundamental of all functional wellness practices. We know so much more than we ever have before about the gut and bowel. Gut health practitioners understand that advanced gut flora microbes have the opportunity to repopulate through direct implantation, and that such protocols may be beneficial as recommended. 


Probiotic drinks are simple to make. Take an empty
glass jar, chopped white cabbage, 2 teaspoons of natural sea salt and some filtered water.
Combine all the ingredients in the jar and cover with a breathable fabric and an elastic band.
Three days later, strain and drink. It’s that easy.


It does seem that caring about bowel function makes sense. Certainly, more and more people are realising the value of such actions. A recent study by The Harvard Medical Journal confirms what has been known for thousands of years; that intestinal angina is a condition where plaque
develops on the walls of the gut in much the same way as cholesterol blocks the arteries of the
heart. Left unchecked, this mucoid plaque coats the bowel. Some believe it to be the cause of fatigue, low energy, bloating, constipation, IBS and lack of vitality. For them, it makes sense to keep the  bowel –  which is a  five foot organ located between the ribs and the hips also known as the gut – clear and to ensure that it moves regularly as a matter of wellbeing practice, and self care.