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Inchloss Detox Express

Why is everyone talking about Inchloss Detox Express?

Just why it is that the body seems to bloat and feel heavy at the exactly the time when you are planning to look and feel your absolute best? We all want to look and feel slim and light before a much anticipated event like a holiday, or in advance of a wedding. But  just when you had it in your mind that looking and feeling light and slim was your goal, bloating and heaviness seems to arise.

Inchloss Detox Body is a highly advanced combo treatment that aims to eliminate unwanted superfluous inches from the body naturally and effectively in less than 90 minutes by targeting major detoxification and eliminatory organs.

What Makes Inchloss Detox Express So AMazing?

Inchloss Detox Express is the 90 minute in-clinic treatment that combines the benefits of deep body cleansing with restorative thermal therapy, presso-therapy, and liver coffee enemas. Whilst it is true that some toxins and fluid can be released via the skin, many in-clinic contour body wrap systems are ill equipped to work on bloating that comes from within because often the root cause is in the gut, liver or bowel.


The truth is that there are many factors that cause bloating and heaviness and very often they go deeper than an ordinary wrap or body treatment can target. Common bloating factors are often the result of :
  • High intake of salt, alcohol
  •  Imbalanced gut flora 
  •  Deep impaction of internal gas
  • Impacted feacal matter in the bowel
  •  Hormonal factors and changes
  • Water retention due to periods, and dietary changes
  • Airline flying has been known to cause impaction and bloating 
  • Stress and anxiety in advance of big event
  • Food sensitivities and intolerances


That’s because Inchloss Detox Express aims to target bloating and heaviness in 3 distinct ways. Unlike any other in-clinic body system , Inchloss Detox Express targets both the inner body (gut) and the outer body (circulation) to help remove bloating and boost the elimination of unwanted matter and toxins. In combination with recommended healthy lifestyle changes,  results can be significant. 



BioMat Amethyst Thermotherapy: Because amethyst is a natural amplifier of infra-red and other heat energies, the body cells
absorb the infra-red which boosts circulation and begins to move toxins towards the liver and colon. This is helped by pressotherapy massage applied to the abdomen area.

Pressotherapy: A pressotherapy massage panel is applied to the stomach and wrapped around the abdomen. Whilst you lie comfortably on 28 LBS of heated amethyst crystal, the Inch-loss Detox Express therapeutic pressotherapy device is  applied to the abdominal area. The massaging action aims to stimulate the metabolism, hydrating and nourishing the skin with a fresh flush to the circulatory system; reducing water retention, and further remoulding the body’s inner silhouette. This action  prepares the body to further boost the elimination of toxins which may lead to inch-loss and reduced bloating as well as boosting the metabolism when combined with healthy lifestyle and dietary changes. 

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Colonic Hydrotherapy: Deep body cleansing with colonic hydrotherapy using the advanced Harley Street method. Toxins and impacted fecal matter as well as imbalanced gut flora is now removed, and the body is hydrated from deep within. The result aims to achieve boosted clarity of skin, mind and a flatter tummy instantly.


A Liver Coffee Enema aims to cleanse and detoxify the liver which is said to boost metabolistic function, and to encourage not only inch-loss but actual weight loss in the days and weeks that follow when combined with healthy lifestyle and diet choices. 

Some people believe that liver coffee enemas are highly beneficial to restore the immune system and have been said to reduce eye bags, and skin problems, as well as boosting weight loss.

I would like to try Inch-loss Detox Express and colonic hydrotherapy, but I am worried that it might be embarrassing.


No need to worry. For the body cleansing part of the treatment, you will find The Harley Street Method at Dublin Vitality Centre.  Tubes are considerably smaller than traditional methods of colonic hydrotherapy. There is no smell, and a disposable tube (which is approximately the size of the tip of a pen) is inserted approximately 1 inch into the body. It is even possible to introduce the tube yourself, a feature on The Harley Street Method which many people find helps them overcome the fear and embarrassment associated with colonics. 

How does the colonic part of the Inchloss Detox Express treatment work?

 A flow or purified filtered ionised water is introduced into the body. When there is some water inside, you experience the feeling to push the water out. On releasing,  old impacted feacal matter, impacted gas, toxins and hormonal build-up -thought to be from a build -up of historical toxicity – leaves the body. 

Aftercare recommendation:  Consider taking a course of probiotics post treatment for at least 1 month. Probiotics are thought to help keep the tummy flat and the digestive system well. 

Pre-care recommendation: Before booking Inchloss Detox Express, familiarise yourself with pre-care and aftercare recommendations. Those with hernia, recent pregnancy (past 6 months), current pregnancy, any recent abdominal surgery, those who are unwell or who are booked in for an upcoming colonoscopy wont be offered treatment. Full pre-care and aftercare is available  here



If you are interested in improving gut health at home, consider investing in a
V-MAT Infra Red Biomat. This is a home care infra-red device which uses amethyst and infra red to produce heat which may be useful for soothing cramps, back pain and boosting peristalsis of the gut when used in combination with healthy lifestyle and dietary changes. Ask us for more info.