The Gut And Mind Clinic

Frances Flannery is the founder of Vitality Centre, The Gut and Mind Clinic, and the author of Gut Happiness. She holds a Masters in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin as well as multiple certificates in nutritionist, mind therapy, skin modalities and more. She is a second generation therapist, and her passion lies in helping others to become all that they were born to be.

Frances is one of a handful of practitioners in the world who has earned the internationally recognised I-ACT colonic hydrotherapy trainer certificate. With over fifteen years practice in gut health wellness protocols, Vitality Centre offers a unique approach to wellness which aims to restore balance not only to the body but also to the mind. Combining elements of visualisation and mind focus The Gut and Mind Clinic seeks to advance self-improvement.

At Vitality Centre, you will experience a world of wellness focused on self-improvement at every level. Each programme begins with colonic hydrotherapy because all wellness starts in the gut. Give yourself the gift of an uplifted body and mind. Book a treatment today at Dublin Vitality Centre now located in the clinic district of Ireland beside The Mater Hospital.

Frances Flannery on Newstalk with Pat Kenny

Gut Happiness by Frances Flannery

Frances Flannery with The Lord Mayor of Dublin