The Gut and Skin Clinic

Frances is the founder of Dublin Vitality Centre, The Gut and Skin Clinic, and the author of Gut Happiness, as well as several novels. She holds a Masters in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin along with certified training in nutrition, colonics, advanced skin modalities and more. She is a second generation therapist, and her passion lies in helping others to become all that they were born to be.

Frances is one of a handful of practitioners in the world who has earned the internationally recognised I-ACT colonic hydrotherapy trainer certificate. With over fifteen years practice in gut health, skin therapies, nutrition, and advanced wellness protocols, Vitality Centre offers a unique approach to wellness and skin improvements which aims to restore balance, and achieve exceptional results that start from the inside. When you are ready to move your wellness to the next level, its time to contact Dublin Vitality Centre. 

At Dublin Vitality Centre, you will experience a world of gut and skin focused wellness that aims to facilitate self-improvement at every level.

Whether your goal is to improve symptoms of gut health imbalances like constipation, ibs or bloating – if you are seeking to kick-start detox – or if you have come to realise that the answer to your skin issues reside in your gut, you will find our programmes different. 

At The Gut and Skin Clinic, we know that the answer to many imbalances is to be found on the inside, which is why we target the root cause. After all, your mood, wellness and skin are only reflections of your inner body.

 Give yourself the gift of boosted wellbeing, improved skin.  Kickstart your self-care plan today by booking a skin, gut or food intolerance test at Dublin Vitality Centre,  now located right in the heart of Dublin’s clinic beside The Mater Hospital.

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