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Smile White 1 hour teeth whitening at Vitality Centre Grafton Street offers exceptional results without damaging or causing any pain during the treatment process. Thats because this treatment does not use harsh chemicals like peroxide which has been found to damage teeth and gums and which causes discomfort during the in-office whitening process. If you have undergone bleaching in the past, your teeth may not need to be re-bleached. Naturally White Teeth Whitening is the ideal treatment to bring your smile back to its former glory and avoid damage or pain during treatment.
To book laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Centre, we recommend that you have attended scale and polish at your dentists in the past 6 months.
Be kinder to your teeth whilst enjoying a beautiful Naturally White Smile with Smile White 1 hour teeth whitening. If you are seeking a smile which exudes natural whiteness and also wish to undergo a treatment which preserves the integrity of the enemal then Naturally White is the teeth whitening treatment for you. This teeth whitening system is for those who want realistic results which enhance their overall appearance.
  • Natural looking results
  • Sensitive teeth
  • No damage or pain
  • In advance of bridge, cap, implant, filling
  • After braces
  • Before wedding, birthday, event
  • Men and women
  • Over 18s
At Dublin Vitality Center, Smile Whit Teeth Whitening is carried out by a qualified clinician. This means that you can expect the very best whitening results without any sensitivity pain or damage to your enemal. We use only the most natural teeth whitening products to ensure that you achieve excellent whitening and stain removal results without any damage to enamel.
Smile White 1 hour teeth whitening is a non toxic organic treatment which contains none of the damaging chemicals found in other teeth whitening treatments. Smile White laser teeth whitening removes stains such as tea, coffee, nicotine, red wine and stains from braces without peroxide or acids.


If you are seeking natural looking results that enhance your appearance, not take over your entire face, then our teeth whitening method is the one for you. At Dublin Vitality Center, Our Naturally White™ Smile White Teeth Whitening clinicians are trained by a qualified dental nurse. Dental Nursing is a 2 year training course at The Dental Hospital, Trinity College Dublin. Dental Nurses are trained to assist a dental during dental surgical proceedures and to offer advice on patient dental hygiene. Therefore Our teeth whitening clinicians have a full and thorough understanding of your teeth and offer you a natural alternative to damaging peroxide based methods which have been found to cause sensitivity and damage.


The colour and shade of the teeth is recorded in advance of your treatment. This is done using a professional dental shade chart using universal light. Naturally White teeth whitening gel in applied to the teeth for intervals of time which is decided by our clinician to suit your specific staining. Not all teeth are the same. Not all stains respond the same to the same amount of time during teeth whitening.


Naturally White Teeth Whitening gel contains an extra atom of oxygen which attaches itself to the colour molecules in the stain. This causes the stain molecules to increase in size as oxidisation takes place . When the gel is applied to the teeth it does not penetrate beyond the enemal layer which means no pain or sensitivity is experienced. Once oxidisation begins it completely eats away the stain, and once it has stopped it cannot be restarted. This process is enhanced the the application of cold filter light which is known as laser. It does not contain excessive heat and therefore it cannot burn or damage the teeth. Its purpose is to further remove oxygen and assist the process of stain removal. Since the oxidisation process only lasts for approximately 15 minutes, it is recommended to change the gels every 15 minutes.


  • Gum Disease
  • Anterior Decay
  • Extended absence from dentist

Even though we do not use peroxide, as professionally trained dental nurses, we comply to the Irish Dental Councils recommendations that teeth whitening should only be carried out on persons over the age of 18 years old.

Get a brighter whiter smile with Naturally White Smile White laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center. Naturally White Smile White Laser Teeth whitening takes 1 hour. At Dublin Vitality Center, we provide a 15 minute consultation for each client as part of your teeth whitening treatment. The Naturally White Smile White laser teeth whitening system does not damage enemal as there is no harmful peroxide used. It does not cause sensitivity or painful sensations during treatment.

Our teeth whitening treatment is for those who wish to achieve subtle whitening results without sensitivity and not for those who are seeking unrealistic or dramatic white results. Dublin Vitality Center® will not bleach, remove flourosis, plaque or calcification or change the natural colour of enamel during teeth whitening treatment. Marks and lines of acclusal force which exist in your teeth previous to your treatment will still be present afterwards.


Naturally White™ Smile White Teeth Whitening is a highly specific teeth whitening treatment which is designed to achieve natural looking results without sensitivity. We do not use bleach or peroxide in our treatments.