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Gum Disease

Can I have teeth whitening if I have gum disease?

No, you must wait until any bleeding stops. Visit your dentist for scale and polish and take instructions from them which will generally mean flossing each night as well as brushing properly.

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a form of gum disease. This unpleasant disease affects over 50% of adults. You need to understand that this is the first stage of a more serious gum disease, so if you notice blood on your toothbrush you need to find effective methods to get rid of this disease.
Gingivitis is a tricky and very unpleasant disease, because it does not cause much discomfort and is not painful. Besides the symptoms creep quite slowly, thus most people notice negative effects of this gum disease only at late stages, when only medical treatment can help. Unfortunately, lots of people having gingivitis are not aware of it. Dentists claim that approximately 70% of adult people do not suspect they have this gum disease and this usually leads to serious complications.

Why is gum disease a problem?

It is necessary to remember that most gum diseases lead to tooth loss, thus if you want to avoid this problem, and have a beautiful smile, it is important to learn more about this disease. The main problem is that people are not informed in a timely manner. If you discover the symptoms at early stages, you have more chances to solve this problem in a quick and hassle free manner and thus avoid tooth loss.

How can I learn more about gum disease?

Go to your dentist. Of course the second best place to look for any kind of information is the Internet. Thus if you want to learn more about gingivitis without paying money you may switch on your computer and do online research. The net is crammed with websites providing valuable information on the topics you might be interested in. Of course, you need to remember that some sites are created for earning money only, so you need to do a decent research to find useful recommendations. You may also visit forums and blogs dedicated to this subject. By visiting forums and blogs you may find informative articles, as well as practical recommendations that may help you solve your problem without any medical treatment. You may benefit from reading recommendations provided by professionals and ordinary people. People registered with forums usually share their experience, which may come in handy.

Can I do anything at home to keep my teeth healthy?

If you detect gingivitis in early stages, you can get rid of it with natural and home-made remedies. Home-made remedies are cheap, however may give the desired results only if the disease is not neglected. If you notice blood on the toothbrush, it is recommended consulting a dentist. Only a seasoned dentist will tell what treatment may give the best results.
Generally the treatment of gingivitis depends on several factors: the stage of disease and treatment. Only a timely and properly chosen treatment can help avoid complications and tooth loss. Thus if you notice blood on the toothbrush and suspect that you may have gingivitis it is recommended to visit your doctor, asap. Only a specialist is able to detect what stage of gingivitis you have. If the doctor says, it is only the initial stage you can try home-made remedies.