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The Gut and  Toxins

How toxic are you? Take a short test to find your body toxin rating. It is thought by some that liver & body toxins are removed with colonics and liver coffee enemas.

Some experts believe that Covid may reside in the gut and become active
intermittently. Other scientists believe that the make-up of a person’s gut microbiome may be
linked to their risk of developing “long Covid” many months after initial Covid-19 infection.
Either way, science is making startling links between gut health and our ability to deal with
viruses including the long term effects of Covid19.

How hard do you party?

If you drink alcohol and use recreational drugs regularly, you may feel sluggish and unwell. Some people believe they can  benefit greatly from
undergoing a detox treatment at Dublin Vitality Centre, and that detoxing the gut and liver offers the
balance you need to stay well, both mentally and physically for the rest of your life, enabling a person to enjoy
 a more full and expanded existence.


Our body was not designed to deal with the chemicals and toxins that we now consume everyday. That is why it is so important to support your liver and restore balance, if you regularly drink alcohol or take drugs.


In 2017, The Global Drugs Survey revealed that recreational drug use in Ireland is amongst the highest in Europe. With access through “the dark net”, party drugs and illegal substances of unknown origin are everywhere. As a nation, our alcohol consumption has always been high, but drugs add a further challenge to your bodies detox organs. Toxins cause anxiety , depression and fatigue. Detoxing the liver with can help counter balance the excess burden which recreational drugs and alcohol, place on the body.

Many people chose detox treatments carried out in absolute privacy in a calm understanding non intrusive environment with the aim of reducing toxins. Those who have drug habits should see a qualified professional, and should not undertake any alternative therapy until they are well.


Scoring Score 1 Never Score 3 Sometimes Score 5 Always
1. Do you use “club drugs” such as ecstacy, MDMA, ketamine or LSD?      
2. Drink more than 14 units of alcohol weekly?      
3. Use household cleaning products or dry clean clothes weekly?      
4. Have Black or Mercury Metal Fillings in Mouth?      
5. Eat dairy, meat, cheese, sugar weekly?      
6. Have Less Than 1 Bowel Movement Daily?      
7. Do you wear fake tan or have spray tans regularly?      
8. On long term prescribed medication ?      
9. Work in a chemical environment?      
10. Drink less than 2 litres of pure distilled water per day ?      
11. Drink more than 1 cup of coffee per day?      
12. Take steroids or other body building drugs?      
13. Do you smoke cannabis, cigarettes or e-cigarettes?      
High Toxicity 41 or more
Medium Toxicity 21 – 40
Low Toxicity 13 – 20


  • Lethargic
  • Insomnia
  • Heaviness in the body
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Ongoing Fatigue
Contact Dublin Vitality Center today for advanced body detoxification colonic hydrotherapy, liver coffee enemas and food intolerance testing.


If you are feeling depressed and lethargic after a period of excess drug or alcohol usage, consider making changing for a better way of life. Lifestyle and dietary changes as well as exercise will help . Developing better coping strategies for stress is a good idea. Finding friends who do not overindulge is a good idea. 

Some people chose to introduce a full body cleanse as part of their plans to detox and remove drugs and alcohol from their lives.  It has been suggested that undergoing a 90 minute full body cleanse  can help remove toxins. Such toxins circulating in your body have a major affect on your mood and on your hormones.

Restoring  balance to mind and body is important as you move towards cleaner living. You will be amazed at the level that toxins contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety, especially after a period of excess and how by removing them those feelings can improve. A clear mind starts with a clean body.


Eliminating of toxins is important for overall wellbeing. Drink more water, and boost vitamins with mineral rich fresh food. Reduce alcohol.  Some people undergo massage to relieve cellular toxins from organs. Some find that liver cleansing and colonics instantly remove toxins, boost mood, reduce anxiety and depression. Other benefits may
include boosted weight loss and increased energy, better sleep and increased focus or

Infra red therapy for detox at home. 

V-Mat Hot Amethyst Crystal – As you lie on a bed of 28LBS of pure heated amethyst
crystal your body begins to restore balance, a process known as homeostasis.
Far Infra Red Heat – Far infra red heat travels into the stones and heats up your core
body temperature to increase blood flow to the main eliminatory organs bringing toxins
in the blood towards the liver and bowel.

Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage – A vibration and squeezing motion is delivered to the abdominal area via a specialised lymphatic device enabling cellular toxins to loosen and release into the blood.
Colonic Hydrotherapy – Using the advanced Harley Street Method, years of deep dark impacted matter is removed and your body is cleansed from deep inside. Because the bowel is now empty, there is an opportunity for the bowel wall to soak in the liver coffee enema that follows.
Liver Coffee Enema Flush – On the empty bowel, a solution consisting of approximately 1 pint of green bean organic liver coffee enema is retained in the bowel for approximately 10 minutes. This is absorbed by the bowel wall and circulates via the mesenteric arterial system into the liver where it causes bile ducts to dilate. After 10 minutes, a large release of toxic matter is expelled. Mood is lifted and your body and mind are instantly rejuvenated. Tummy is flatter and weightloss boosted too.


“I felt completely re-energised and less sluggish.”

YOU Magazine


Many ordinary people are choosing to live a clean and conscious existence by
removing pollutants from their bodies and from their lives. And many people have detoxed
their way to a better way of life by cleansing at Dublin Vitality Centre.