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What is The Gut Brain Connection?

In 1998, a new book appeared on bookshelves  that changed our entire understanding of health. This book was written by Dr. Michael Dr. Gershon, a medical doctor, who devoted his career to understanding the human bowel (gut) . With thirty years of research under his belt, he led an extraordinary discovery – that nerve cells in the gut (bowel) act on the brain. This action has now commonly become known as “The Gut Brain Connection. ” His book “The Second Brain” has changed modern medicine, pharmaceuticals and our understanding of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and depression among other bowel (gut) related health and wellbeing issues.



Here is a fact that might just blow you away. Are you ready for it? Serotonin is a hormone that makes us feel good and 90% of serotonin is produced in your bowel (gut), not in your brain. That’s right. Your gut produces almost all of your “feel good” hormone. Ever noticed that IBS and constipation go hand it hand with a decrease in your mood? Its absolutely no coincidence.

The bowel (gut) itself, has a major effect on our mood. That is the fundamental principle that was proven scientifically by Dr. Gershon through his scientific studies. What that means, is that if your bowel becomes constipated, depression results, because when your bowel (gut) stops moving, there is no further movement of serotonin. Based on this, a number of pharmaceutical companies began to create drugs to help IBS. Those drugs are anti-depressants called SSRIs. They work simply by boosting serotonin. After the findings of Dr. Gershon and the release of his book, The Second Brain, drug companies began to realise that there was a direct link between constipation and depression. 

For many people keeping the bowel moving is important because they know it makes them feel better and seems to be boost mood. Many people chose colonic hydrotherapy to remove impacted matter immediately. Perhaps it is because of the gut brain connection that people consistently report feeling much better after their treatment. Mood boosting effects seems to be instant and astonishing. And best of all 100% natural. 

For those who are seeking an instant and natural approach to boost their mood, colonic hydrotherapy combined with correcting food and diet makes sense as part of a healthy lifestyle plan designed to boost wellness and mood. 

“The knowledge that signals are sent from the intestine to the brain and that they can be modulated by a dietary change is likely to lead to an expansion in research aimed at finding new strategies to prevent or treat digestive, mental and neurological disorders.”

Dr. Emeran Mayer, Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Psychiatry, UCLA


Thanks to the findings made by Dr. Gershon, many people who experience dips in mood now think of the gut. When their bowel stops working and they feel depressed, they ask themselves one question that might strike you as a little strange at first. When was the last time your bowel moved? If their bowel has stopped moving (more than 24 hours) and they feel depressed, they can make a link. 


Air travel seems to cause the bowel to stop

If you take a flight,  and your bowel stops moving, you are not alone. One theory for this is that your bowel, although sensitive, is not a cognitive organ and although it senses the fact that you are 35,000 feet above the earth has no way to respond. So it stops working to save you the bother or needing a loo. This is just one theory why so many people become constipated on long-haul flights. 

Changes in lifestyle may cause your bowel to stop

 If you take new medication or change your diet, your bowel may stop working. If you give us smoking, your bowel may stop working. If you go to festivals and drink alcohol and take drugs for 3 days, your bowel will probably stop working (not to mention your liver and your pancreas if you do it often). And you will very likely feel depressed. Your mood will  likely be effected. Don’t be surprised if you feel very down in the days that follow. Do yourself a favour. Get a clear understanding of gut health and its links to mental wellbeing and mood. 

Many people chose to have colonic hydrotherapy and a liver coffee enemas as part of their personal health and wellbeing protocols. 


If you are interested in improving gut health at home, you might wish to consider investing in a V-MAT Infra Red Biomat. This is a home care infra-red device which uses amethyst and infra red to produce heat to soothe cramps, back pain and boost peristalsis of the gut. Ask us for more info.