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The Ultimate full body detox

For many people a liver detox coffee enema is a major part of functional gut health protocols. 

What are the said benefits of a liver coffee enema?

  • boost 500 metabolistic functions
  • Boost weight loss
  • Reduce under eye bags
  • Help reduce spots and acne
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Boost mood
  • Aid with detox
How is a liver coffee enema carried out?
  • The caffeine solution is retained 
  • It is absorbed by the colon and circulates to the liver
  • It causes bile ducts in the liver to dilate
  • This enables a large amount of toxins in the liver to travel to the colon
  • The liver coffee solution is released after approximately
  • Black toxic material is removed and can be seen even after a full colonic
  • Coffee enemas result in substantial detoxification of the liver
See Live Liver coffee enema video at, Dublin Vitality Centre
How many liver coffee enemas should I have?

Consider undergoing three treatments of gut cleanse hydrotherapy to hydrate, soak and clear away the excess overgrowths of gut flora known as Candida that is said to line the entire gut wall of many people. If you aim to boost your main immune organ, consider adding a liver coffee enema to your second treatment of gut cleanse hydrotherapy and on your third week, have a probiotic implant. A treatment plan might look like this:

  • Week 1: Colonic
  • Week 2: Colonic and liver coffee enema
  • Week 3: Colonic and probiotic implant.
I want to get off alcohol, and drugs. Can I have liver coffee enemas?

Yes, so long as you are not in medically supervised treatment, the first stage of alcohol or drug detoxification. For anyone hoping to reduce alcohol, a body cleanse with liver coffee enemas can be useful . Some believe it can  kick start weight loss, hydrate your organs, clear your body and mind of brain fog, and remove toxins from alcohol and nicotine, and other addictive substances. World leading coaches, winning athletes and bodybuilders consistently recommend liver coffee enemas and gut cleanse cleansing programmes to return their bodies to homeostasis after a period of competitions and shows.

I am juice fasting. Can I have liver coffee enemas?
Every juice fast and detox should be accompanied by gut cleanse hydrotherapy and liver coffee enemas if you want to avoid a healing crisis and symptoms such as headaches, nausea and insomnia during the first few days as major toxins are loosened and make their way to the main eliminatory organs, the gut and the liver. Clear the paths before you loosen up toxins or expect to feel pretty rough and have results that do not last very long since you have not gotten to the root of the problem at all.
I want to clear my skin. Should I have liver coffee enemas?

Liver coffee enemas are often the go to treatment for those who have acne on their face and back, suffer from unexplained and embarrassing halitosis, weight gain, fatigue and insomnia and who hold out little hope for finding a solution because they have tried every topical ointment and cream in the hope of improving their skin. Perhaps the reason why so many people turn to liver cleansing having tried all other programmes stems from the idea that

skin condition exists in the body, not on the surface which is why perhaps liver coffee enemas may get the results when no  othercream or lotion does. Consider combining your course of treatment with food intolerance testing.