The Gut and Skin Clinic

Personal Suggestion Therapy (PST)

Very often the root cause of unwanted behaviour can be found in the subconscious mind. Suggestion Therapy is a gentle form of intuitive healing which may help restore balance in the mind to create feelings of openness, connectedness, belonging and lack of doubt.
This advanced mind therapy is especially useful when combined with body detoxification. Through positive suggestions, visualisation, and focused positive thinking, it may help overcome a particular non medical issue like anxiety, low mood, and other problems which often accompany gut imbalances.
Suggestion Therapy Session may be helpful for those who do not need counseling or advanced psychotherapy, but who are seeking to:

How does it work?

Here you will have the opportunity to discuss your requirements. This can be done through video call. It gives the therapist an opportunity to create a customised session.

Suggestion Therapy Session:
You will be brought into a state of relaxation during which positive suggestions are planted into the subconscious mind.

Recording Nightly:
You will be required to listen to a recording for the next month. Improvements may be noticeable during this time.

What does it cost?
A customised Suggestion Therapy Session Programme including a 20 minute home recording created to your exact requirement is the best investment you will ever make your because it will enable you to invite exactly what you want into your life and remove from your mind all that is holding you back. Check the prices page for current prices.