The Gut and Skin Clinic


At  Dublin Vitality Centre, we are leaders in advanced gut and skin protocols that get results. That is why we use the very latest clinically registered technology for food intolerance testing. The BioScan is a highly advanced MED II FDA Registered Technology that tests for imbalances to certain foods within the body. Certainly,  it is recommended to consult with a doctor to help ascertain if this type of test is right for you because this is is a food intolerance test and not a medical allergy test, which can only be done by a doctor . If you have non allergen symptoms such as skin conditions, bloating and constipation, and if you have exhausted all other avenues and found no underlying cause, the BioScan food intolerance test is the right choice for you. But it it best always to ask your doctor before making any changes to your diet based on the results. 
Many people have found the BioScan Med II method of food sensitivity testing technology to be life changing in terms of gut and skin indications. That is because the food intolerance testing system known as BioScan is highly effective at detecting imbalances to certain foods. But also because Dublin Vitality Centre has within its wellbeing armoury a complete offering of powerful gut health and skin therapies to compliment your wellbeing overhaul. Through our advanced gut health and skin programmes, over the course of fifteen years, Dublin Vitality Centre has helped many people improve their wellbeing and boost vitality.  Many people have reported improvements to common gut health and skin issues when they avoid for a period of less than three months the foods that are shown to be imbalances, but exceptional results are achieved when food intolerance testing is accompanied with Colonics, liver coffee enemas, Probiotic direct implantation, and in the case where acne scars, pigmentation or red veins are present, an advanced skin care programme. 

 Always ask your physician before making changes to your diet.