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Unfortunately, many people use the terms “food intolerance” and “food allergy” interchangeably, when in fact they are very different conditions. A food intolerance is a temporary reaction to a food which causes mild symptoms such as bloating, weight gain, skin breakouts, IBS or other common gut health issues like constipation, gas and cramping.
What does Bioscan Test for?
The BioScan tests for food imbalances. A food intolerance may be linked to a  temporary imbalance which may come back into balance by avoiding that food temporarily. The test offered may identify such imbalances and is a useful guide for those planning to trial eliminate foods in the hope of removing food intolerances. By removing those imbalanced foods, and substituting such foods for no longer than three months, food intolerance symptoms generally clear up . If symptoms do not improve, it would be recommended to see a doctor. 
Do you offer food allergy testing?
No. Vitality Centre does not offer allergy tests which should only be conducted by a medical doctor who is a trained allergist. Only a medic should take blood samples during testing . Certainly only a trained doctor should diagnose any condition, including an allergy. Always ask your physician before making changes to your diet based on any food test results offered.