The Gut and Skin Clinic


What are the benefits of identifying food intolerances?

At Dublin Vitality Centre, The Gut and Skin Clinic, every effort is made to ensure you fully understand firstly what a food intolerance is, and secondly what it is not. At Dublin Vitality Centre, not only do we provide food intolerance testing, but also a bespoke offering of treatments including colonic hydrotherapy, probiotic implants, liver cleansing and skin therapies designed to ensure you achieve your intended outcome. Those suffering from ongoing gut and skin issues know only too well the frustration that can result when topical creams do not work.  At Dublin Vitality Centre, we understand that the answer lies in the gut, and that the skin and overall wellbeing are only a reflection of the inner body. Certainly, food intolerances may be the underlying cause of gut health problems like constipation, bloating, cramping, IBS and weight gain, but may also be indicated in skin issues. They may also be causative factors in skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and rosacea, which is why we offer a list of skin renewal programmes. 

It is generally accepted that the best way to overcome a food intolerance is by trial elimination of suspected items which means removing the suspected food from the diet for a period of up to three months. This can be more difficult than it sounds because it is hard to know exactly which items are causing the problem.  To help establish food intolerants in a more scientific way,  and to take the guesswork out of their wellness recovery plan, many people chose to undergo food intolerance testing. The BioScan Food Intolerance Test as Dublin Vitality Centre has proven to be a highly useful and for many, a life-changing course of action especially for those who have given up trying to work out their food intolerances by themselves, or by guessing. By seeing clearly the foods that are imbalanced, it is possible to create a more structured trial elimination plan, one which can be followed with assurance. Imbalanced foods are also the likely food intolerants, which means that very often they are one and the same. 


  • No needles (similar to ECG Scan)
  • FDA certified technology
  • MED II Registered System
  • Instant results
  • 40K item database
  • Printed categorised report
  • Qualified clinician delivers results in person
  • Results are explained in full 
  • Printed chart provided
  • Gut focused 
  • Qualified nutritionist
  • Can be done as part of a structured plan with colonics and skin therapies


On arrival, you will be asked to complete a form. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss you concerns with a qualified nutritionist, to ensure you understand the test, and to ensure you have selected the right test for you. If you are interested in other gut or skin protocols or in undergoing your food intolerance test as part of a programme at Dublin Vitality Centre which includes colonics, probiotics and skin therapies, these can be discussed at your consultation. Once you are seated comfortably, you will be asked to remove jewellery and watches and may be requested to shake your hands out several times to help warm them up. The food intolerance testing technology used at Dublin Vitality Centre is much like an ECG scan that one might find in a hospital. 

Electrodes are applied to the hands and connected to the BioScan Food Intolerance Testing System. One simple way to describe the testing science is to understand it as follows: a digital signature that resembles the food is emitted at the body, one which the food intolerance testing technology records your response to. Each food sample is tested four times to check for consistency. You will hear a beep each time a food is tested.

Once the BioScan Food Intolerance Test is completed you, will be provided with a chart. The chart and results depicted will be explained to you by the therapist. Always ask your physician before making changes to your diet, or if you suspect you may have an allergy because food intolerances and allergies are very different. 

Why do people undergo food intolerance testing at Dublin Vitality Centre?

  • to identify and remove food imbalances from the diet
  • to take the guess work out of suspected food intolerances 
  • to help create a trial elimination plan
  • to overcome food intolerances which may be the cause of skin, and gut issues.  
  • as part of a bigger gut health or skin plan protocol that includes colonics and skin therapies
  • when optimal wellbeing is desired
  • when considering changing the diet ie going vegan, giving up gluten
  • when a medical allergy test has proven inconclusive
  • when bloating and discomfort continues despite removing the main intolerants like gluten and dairy
  • when topical creams no longer help to reduce symptoms of skin conditions
  • when ongoing gut discomfort prevails but all GP tests have found no cause
  • when constipation and IBS are an issue
  • when bloating is ongoing
  • when there is a feeling of nausea after eating
  • when ongoing skin conditions prevail despite every effort to find the cause