How Many Foods Are Tested?

On average, we test for imbalances to 210 foods, however because the FDA registered BioScan is the only customisable test, the technology offers a database of 40,000 items. Over the past decade, our food test has been tailored to take into account the most common dietary items. We find that those are covered in the 210 foods tested for. However, shoud you feel that you wish to have an item added on the day of your test, or if you find an item is not listed, you may ask your therapist to check for that food from the database, and add it to your test.

There are various types of food intolerance testing methods available. At Vitality Centre Grafton Street, we prefer to use FDA registered technology to look for imbalances to common foods. Some systems sell their test based on the number of foods they test for. We prefer to work on the principle of matching your test to the foods you actually consume. Always ask your physician before making changes to your diet.

Gut Happiness

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