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In-House Training Programme

What do I need to do to get onto the In-House training programme?

Before commencing in-house training at Vitality Centre, you must
  • Be invited for interview

  • Supply references from previous employers

  •  Supply proof of qualifications in a relevant discipline

  •  Sign a trainee policy agreement

Are you interested in working for us but not sure if you would like the job?

No problem. We totally understand. That is why we have designed an in-house training programme which is offered to in-house trainees who wish to apply for employment at our clinics. Before being offered a job, all new staff must undertake training in all treatments, and systems that we provide to ensure the highest levels of proficiency. This is a great chance for you to come in and stay for a while and see if you think a job at Dublin Vitality Centre is for you.

Why do you offer this trial period called In-house training?

Because many treatments are exclusively offered by Dublin Vitality Centre in Ireland, we require you to undertake the training voluntarily to ensure you are the right match for us and vice versa. You must also know how to use our systems, and take care of the clinic generally. We want to ensure you are happy and will stay with us long term and give our clients the care they deserve.

What are the benefits for me?

You will get access to the inner workings of Ireland’s best loved gut health clinic and you will get a taste of the job that may be later offered in advance before committing yourself to it. You can leave at any time and are under no commitment or contract until a job offer is made to you. If you are successful in gaining employment, and if all signed terms are fulfilled for the agreed period, you may be issued with the In-House Certificates on leaving your position in the treatments that you did as part of your job.

What is the difference between training for staff and training for paid participants?

In-house training is for those being considered for employment at Vitality Centre, the latter being referred to herein as ‘in-house’ training is separate and distinct from any other paid training that we offer to external companies. This in-house training is customised based on the needs of the business, and includes training on all in-house systems as well as on treatments.

Do I pay for training if I am applying for a job?

Generally not, although training at Vitality Centre is normally charged at 50 euros per hour, or the precise figure stated and agreed otherwise in advance in writing. This covers the cost of using the clinic facility, access to services, devices, equipment, and access to a qualified trainer, to our clients as well as the professional training sundries forms, stationary, electricity, rent, and additional supervision required to over-see and accommodate a trainee whilst that person is onsite.

Why do I undergo this trial assessment period?

Training is a large investment for our business. You will need to be comfortable and happy in your job if you are offered a job. You will need to get an idea of the work involved and we in turn will need to satisfy ourselves that you are a suitable match for our growing business.

If I am accepted on the In-House Training programme as part of my interview process, am I guaranteed a job?

No. In-house trainees accept that they are not employed by Vitality Centre. Those undergoing in-house training with a view to possible employment accept that they are during the course of their traineeship being assessed to ensure suitability. Being given the opportunity to train does not guarantee a position now or in the future, and you will be required to sign a training agreement to ensure that you are fully aware of these conditions. Only on witnessed signatory of a formal employment contract, and offer letter can employment be assumed.

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