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Colonic Irrigation Device Training Ireland

What do I need to practice colonic hydrotherapy in my clinic?

What is the cost of training for device training in open method of Colonic Hydrotherapy at Dublin Vitality Centre?

The cost for training is 2999 euros, and training takes place at Dublin Vitality Centre.

In order to offer colonic hydrotherapy in your clinic, you will two things:

1. Training from a certified device trainer

2. Generic training in the actual treatment

What is the underlying qualification that I need?

Colonic Hydrotherapy certification is a post-graduate qualification. You must hold some relevant medical or wellbeing training as a primary qualification in order to be accepted to train with us. You must also hold an up to date CPR card.

I would like to train but I will be using a different device. Can I train with you?

At Dublin Vitality Centre, we offer both device and treatment training in colonic hydrotherapy. If you are not using the same colonic hydrotherapy device as we offer, that is OK. You can still train with us for the generic colonic hydrotherapy cert which ensures that you will be proficient to practice. However, in this case you will need to receive device training from the manufacturer of the device you intend to use separately.

What is the device training that you offer?

Right now, we offer training on the open method of colonic hydrotherapy, a method which offers absolute privacy and is ideal for those who would like to have colonics but are concerned about embarrassment. Tubes are smaller and the systems tend to be state of the art with added features like filters, and extraction fans.

What is the expected cost of training as colonic hydrotherapy practice?

The cost of training with us depends on the training required. If you are seeking I-ACT training, your costs will be higher, but you will be internationally recognised to practice globally.

I only want to practice in Ireland or Europe? What training do I need?

If you are seeking to practice in Ireland, Europe or the UK, you can undergo the generic colonic hydrotherapy training certified by our school which is called IICH. We can offer both device and generic training.

I am already trained and certified in colonic hydrotherapy but I would like to offer the open method now. What training do I need?

If you only need device training because you wish to operate the open method and already hold certified generic training, you can undergo device training only which takes less time. It is best to consider your needs before you commit yourself to training. Costs vary depending on your training needs.

What is the expected cost of purchasing a colonic hydrotherapy device?

You can expect to pay upwards of 15K for a colonic hydrotherapy open method along with delivery and import duties.

What is the best method of colonic hydrotherapy?

As an internationally certified I-ACT trainer of colonic hydrotherapy, Dublin Vitality Centre supports all methods of colonic hydrotherapy with the understanding that the best method is the method that suits the client, and that all clients are different and have different preferences of treatment. Therapists training with us are obliged to undertake an oath of professionalism, part of which is never to criticise another practitioner or method. As professionals, we support all colon hydrotherapy practitioners who hold relevant training, uphold high standards and who operate using correct materials; the fundamentals of international good practice in the profession of colonic hydrotherapy. If you hear negative talk about any method of colonic hydrotherapy, you can be assured that such a person has not undergone internationally recognised training where an oath of professionalism is taken to abide by mutual respect for all wellbeing practices of colonic hydrotherapy.