The Gut and Skin Clinic

Training Policy - Vitality Centre

1.0 Trainee Declaration

Vitality Centre is a training facility which offers a variety of distinct training options. We offer the following:

I. Training aimed at external therapists and businesses who wish to train their staff in colonic hydrotherapy, or other treatments and therapies with a view to offering such treatments at their own wellbeing facility.

II. Training to those being considered for employment at Vitality Centre, the latter being referred to herein as ‘in-house’ training is separate and distinct from any other training, and is customised based on the needs of the business.

1.1 Payment and fees pertaining to training must be received in full before training can commence. Training at Vitality Centre is charged at 50 euros per hour, or the precise figure stated and agreed otherwise in advance in writing. This covers the cost of using the clinic facility, access to services, devices, equipment, and access to a qualified trainer, to our clients as well as the professional training sundries forms, stationary, electricity, rent, and additional supervision required to over-see and accommodate a trainee whilst that person is onsite.

1.2 Those undergoing training, in-house or otherwise are legally bound by the terms and conditions herein. This trainee declaration aims to help external trainees, or ‘in-house trainees’ to understand your obligations and status as a trainee.

1.3During your training time at Vitality Centre, you are required to comply with the following trainee policy.

1.4 During traineeship, you accept that you are a cost to the company’s resources.

1.5 Any action undertaken by you as a trainee during your time on the premises is a cost to the company, and will not be compensated or considered ‘value added’ to the business.

1.6 Trainees accept that training does not constitute employment.

1.7 Whilst on the premises, trainees of any definition will act in a courteous manner towards staff and customers or they will be required to leave immediately.

1.8The business operates Monday to Saturday which means that trainees must attend during these hours.

2.0 Trainees will be dismissed immediately and required to leave the premises in the event of the following; theft, fraud, breaches of data protection, breaches of GDPR, confidentiality, of health and safety, or whereby complaints are made by customers, where they demonstrate discourteous behaviour, refuse to carry out training orders, argue, fight, assault, discriminate, use foul language, remove or misuse of data or equipment, theft of material, theft of data, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, damage to property, late arrival or non-attendance, or have provided false information.

2.1 Training, and the associated treatments offered during training are undertaken on a voluntary basis, and must be paid for fully in advance.

2.2 All fees for training are required to be paid in advance, or in the case of in-house training where training fees are forfeited with a view to a potential job offer at Vitality Centre, to be paid back in full in the event that no job offer can be made at the end of the training period, or in the event that losses, or damages are incurred as a result of trainee’s behaviour, or actions.

2.3 Training is charged in this case at the rate of 35 euros per hour as opposed to the full training charge of 50 euros per hour.

2.4 Trainees may not engage with any business which competes with Vitality Centre during the training period, and may not set up a facility, or offer any competing treatment within one kilometre of Vitality Centre thereafter.

2.5 Trainees accept that they are not employed by Vitality Centre. Those undergoing in-house training with a view to possible employment accept that they are, during the course of their traineeship being assessed to ensure suitability. Being given the opportunity to train does not guarantee a position now or in the future.

2.6 Only on witnessed signatory of a formal employment contract, and offer letter can employment be assumed.

2.7Those being considered for employment, so called ‘In-House Trainees’ are generally not charged for the training or for use of access to clinical facilities, equipment, resources, building usage, or experience of clinical practices in general. However, in the event that loss, damages, stress or unforeseen legal costs are caused to Vitality Centre, reimbursement of in-house training costs charged at 35 euros will be calculated and issued to you for payment within 10 days.

2.8 Training is charged at 50 euros per hour. This fee is forfeited for those who are being considered for employment generally. However, in the event of dismissal, undue stress, loss or damages caused, legal proceedings resulting from a trainees actions, the trainee will be required to return the full amount due to cover training to Vitality Centre within 10 working days of an invoice being issued to them.

2.9 Training including ‘in-house’ training is referred to and counted in ‘hours. The term ‘hours’ referred explicitly to ‘training hours’ and is not interchangeable with the term ‘working hours’, and does not constitute or imply employment of any type.

2.10 Under no circumstances are trainees permitted to liaise with outside organisations during the course of their traineeship, or to share email addresses or private information with such.

2.11 For trainees undergoing in-house training with a view to employment, the opportunity will be given to acquire the necessary clinical, clerical and ad-hoc duties amid therapeutic experience. This opportunity is aimed at ensuring proficient management of a clinical space.

2.12 Exposure and training in ad-hoc in-house clinical practice is charged at the rate of 35 euros per hours, and may not be included in the 100 hours colonic hydrotherapy training or other forms of treatment training.

2.13 Ad-hoc in-house clinical training practice is offered to those being considered for employment, and may be required to be reimbursed by Vitality Centre in the event of losses or damages incurred as a result of a trainees behaviour or actions, or whereby employment does not result for any reason.

2.14 Ad-hoc clerical, clinical, and administrative duties in preparation for operating within a clinical space do not constitute employment.

2.15 In-house trainees who are not deemed inappropriate for employment at the end of the in-house training, or who fail to comply with the training standard required, will be asked to leave, and may be requested to return all property of items belonging to Vitality Centre issued to them for the purposes of training, along with full training fees, and costs of treatments undertaken.

2.16 Colonic hydrotherapy is a specialised treatment of which we are the only training school Ireland. Under no circumstances are those who have not undergone in-house be employed at Vitality Centre, or offer colonic hydrotherapy on their own premises without a certified training certificate, or claim to be trained because they have undergone adhoc uncertified training hours at Vitality Centre.

2.17 Colonic Irrigation training takes 100 training hours for those seeking training in the particular treatment only.It requires a training cert to be issued.

2.18 However those who undergo in-house training at Vitality Centre with a view to employment will be required to perform other duties and treatments along with the 100 hours of colonic hydrotherapy training, and may therefore be required to complete additional training hours in order to bring them up to the standard necessary in colonic hydrotherapy, clinical practice, administration, communication, booking systems, clinic maintenance, communications, and all of the treatments offered by the business.

2.19 In-house training with a view to employment at Vitality Centre requires the trainee to gain proficiency and have access not just to colonic hydrotherapy but to all treatments offered at Vitality Centre as well as in the standard operations within the clinical space. This is usually no more than 150 hours of training.

2.20 If by the time an ‘in-house’ trainee who is being considered for employment completes 150 hours and is still not proficient in all of the above, they will be no longer to considered suitable, and training fees, and the cost of treatments consumed by them may be requested. Invoices to be paid within 10 days.

2.21 Generally, treatments are provided free of charge to trainees who request them. However, in rare cases where damages or costs are incurred to the business as a result of trainees behaviour, or actions during their training or thereafter, treatment costs may be requested to be re-imbursed to cover resulting losses.

3.1 Vitality Centre will in certain cases forfeit the cost of training, and treatments offered to trainees to enable those who could not otherwise afford it to train with us with a view to employment. This exclusively applies in the case of ‘in-house traineeship.’

3.2 On the rare occasion where donations and charitable gestures of goodwill are issued to those struggling with the cost of undergoing training i.e to cover travel, sundries and lunches during the training period, a token one-off payment may be made.

3.3 Any such charitable donation that is offered to impoverished trainees by request is classified as a ‘donation’, does not constitute payment in lieu of wages, and does not constitute salary or otherwise

3.4 Those who wish to undergo training with a view to potential employment accept that they may not be offered a job, and that in-house traineeship is part of the assessment period.

3.4 In agreement of the Trainee Declaration at Vitality Centre, or by undertaking training by way of active or inactive participation, all trainees agree to the above, and to all the terms and conditions outlined herein.