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Colonic Hydrotherapy Training Ireland

The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) is the largest and only globally recognised training organisation for colonic hydrotherapy in the world. I-ACT has for the past 30 years worked rigorously to heighten the awareness of the colon hydrotherapy profession, ensuring continuing and progressive education in the field of colon hydrotherapy, and implementing standards and ethics for professionalism. It has worked diligently to collaborate with other smaller organisations such  as ARCH to ensure that meticulous standards are maintained universally and that all trained therapists are united in their understanding of advanced client care in the provision of treatment. 

I-ACT Accredited Training School

Maintaining the highest standards of colonic hydrotherapy training in the world

1. We offer I-ACT Colonic Hydrotherapy Training :  I-ACT is the only globalally recognised colonic hydrotherapy training in the world. It is the only training accepted in the USA where and a pre-requisite for those wishing to work in the USA where the treatment is regulated under federal law. 

 I-ACT training enables doctors, clinic owners, retreat centres, yoga studios and hotel spas to train their staff to the global standard so that they can offer colonic hydrotherapy as a treatment and grow their wellbeing business.

2. EU English Speaking Country:   We are the leading colonic training facility in an english speaking european member state country. An aircoach links our facility to Dublin airport which is just 30 minutes away.

3. Dual Certification:  You will receive two certificates on successful completion of your training programme. One from I-ACT and one from the International Institute of Colonic Hydrotherepy. Training includes device training on The Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy but you can chose any other method you wish to operate so long as you have device training on that system. I-ACT is a globally accepted colonic hydrotherapy qualification which allows you to operate any device.

4. Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment Is In High Demand: Science now recognises that gut health issues like constipation and IBS are on the rise. 

5. Accommodation: Our colonic hydrotherapy training is located in the heart of Dublin City Centre. You will find extensive accommodation to suit every taste and budget nearby.

6. Recognised I-ACT Trainer:  Our training uses visual techniques that are based on neurolinguistic programming to make learning easy and fun. 

7. Learn The Harley Street Method:  We train on the open method.


8. High Profile Clinic: Because we have large numbers of clients, we can achieve the 30 hours of practical experience (that means you must assist with 30 colonics in 10 days), necessary to meet the I-ACT standards. Many clinics are just too small to make these numbers possible as they do not have the client numbers that we have.

  • – High quality facility right in the heart of Dublin City Centre
  • – A variety of high quality accommodation to choose from within meters.
  • – I-ACT internationally recognised accredited training is preferred by doctors and wellness clinic owners globally
  • – Health food and vegan delivery available and close by
  • – Excellent training using neurolinguistic programming and advanced teaching methods
  • – Gain a qualification that enables you to get insured globally
  • – Visit Ireland and see why it is the most magical place on earth

Please note that the price for I-ACT training is currently €3999 per therapist which must be paid in advance in full no less than 14 days prior to training course in order to book your place. You must submit to us prior to being accepted the following items via email. Application form, Resume, copy of passport, copy of relevant qualification, current CPR card. Please email


BREXIT: Ireland is now the preferred USA/European English speaking gateway country and is a strong and consolidated EU member. That is why many companies including Barclays Bank, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked In and Indeed have selected Dublin, Ireland for their European head offices in line with imminent Brexit departure of the UK.

Train in Ireland for Colonic Hydrotherapy IACT Training at The International Institute Of Colon Hydrotherapy.

We train doctors, nurses and health professionals in the internationally recognised foundation level I-ACT level 1 colonic hydrotherapy qualification . Sign up today and enjoy the highest standard of professional clinical training. 

I-ACT is the only training that is recognised in the USA which allows a therapist to practice as a colonic hydrotherapist, a profession that is now regulated by federal law and which requires this training programme by all who wish to work in this exciting and growing area of gut health care. Train in Colonic Hydrotherapy I-ACT cert in Ireland. We train therapists from all over the world Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, Europe, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Scotland, Oman, Jordan, Israel and more.

We offer two courses for those who wish to advance their understanding of functional gut health.



Get certified in functional gut health .This two day course is for nutritionists and ordinary people who wish to advance their understanding of how to boost wellbeing through functional gut health practices. Gain a certificate in functional gut health which includes probiotics, prebiotics, cultures, microbiota, the gut brain connection, probiotic enema implants, liver cleansing, fermented foods and learn why gut health is an underpinning part of any nutritional or wellbeing plan.

Who can do this course:
Nutritionists, personal trainers, ordinary people with an interest in wellbeing.


If you wish to practice as a colonic hydrotherapist, the I-ACT foundation Level 1 training programme is for you. This teaches you everything you need to know with 10 days hands on practical experience. You may choose whatever device you wish as this is generic training on the subject of colonics.

Who can do this course:


It is now possible to train as a professional colon hydro therapist at Irelands and UKs only I-act training school. At The International Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy, it is possible to become a registered I-act qualified colon hydro therapist. I-act is the only training programme which is accepted by US Federal Law and which enables a colon hydro therapist to practice legally in the United States. In the USA, colonic hydrotherapy is a highly regulated profession. That means that anyone who wishes to practice as a colon hydro therapist must hold certain qualifications. That qualification is the I-act training.

Instructors are certified by I-act and ARCH and are qualified to teach both open and closed methods. However, training is currently offered on the LIBBE FDA certified open method system. This is also know as “The Harley Street Method”.


  • Become a member of the largest colon hydrotherapy organization in the world
  • Receive training which enables you to work legally in the USA
  • I-act training is recognized not just in Ireland and the UK but in every country in the world including Australia, Singapore and Dubai with over 3000 members worldwide.
  • Achieve a high level of professional colonic hydrotherapy training
  • Train on the “closed method” of colon hydrotherapy, the most widely used method
  • Receive training which enables you to become insured as a therapist


I-ACT is the largest organisation in the world for colon hydrotherapy with over 3000 members throughout the world. I-ACT is the governing body for the regulation of colon hydrotherapist in the USA. This means that anyone who now wishes to practice as colon hydrotherapist in the USA is obliged by law to be trained by I-ACT. I-ACT colon hydrotherapists practices are found all over the world including Ireland, Denmark, Singapore, China, Australia, UK and throughout the USA. I-ACT is recognised as the world leader in the provision of professional training and standards in the field of colon hydrotherapy.


I-ACT members include the most well known therapists in the world including those who provide colonic hydrotherapy at the worlds most celebrated clinics. I-ACT is the training found on Harley Street London for colon hydrotherapist and at the famous “WeCare Spa” in California which celebrities such as Gyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone and Liv Taylor attend regularly for detox,


I-ACT members include high profile health therapists such as Brenda Watson, New York Times best-selling author and digestive care expert who has helped 1000s of people achieve vibrant, lasting health through nutrition and detox and Dr. Micheal Holt, a qualified medical doctor and consultant gastroenterologist and author of The Definitive Guide to Colon Hydrotherapy.

I-ACT colon hydrotherapists strive for the highest standards and education in the practice of colon hydrotherapy and are united in their aim to ensure the very best practices for colon hydrotherapy throughout the world.


The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) heightens the awareness of the colon hydrotherapy profession, ensures continuing and progressive education in the field of colon hydrotherapy and implements professionalism beyond reproach.


I-ACT recommends the use of currently registered FDA equipment and disposable rectal nozzles/speculae. Additionally, I-ACT recommends that each therapist not using equipment currently registered with the FDA, consider upgrading their equipment to FDA registered equipment in the very near future.

Colonic Hydrotherapy may become regulated by law in Europe, in time. This is a very positive thing for I-act trained colon hydro therapists because it means that those who do not meet the standards of training and who have not undertaken a recognized training program or hold the I-act will no longer be able to practice legally.

It is very likely that the EU will seek the same standards of training as those currently required by US law. What this means is that anyone holding I-act qualifications may automatically meet the standards of regulation should they be deployed in Europe.


Doctor, Medical Nurse, Dental Nurse, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist. Those holding a recognised certificate in anatomy and physiology from a state recognised university or college. This is a post graduate training programme and requires students to hold certification in a recognised health discipline before intake will be accepted.


  • Must have a high school diploma/GED/Second Level Education/ Leaving Cert/GCSES or equivalent (prior to entering training)
  • Must have postsecondary education level/college level A&P (equivalent to 3 semester hours of college) (before certification). This course must be provided by a state accredited College, University or Community College or equivalent.
  • Must have a current CPR card (before certification)
  • Recommendation – each new student should have received 1 – 3 colonics prior to entering training


  • Either
  • provide proof (by transcript) of completing the 100 hours of training. The 100 hours of training must be done in the physical presence of the Instructor at the location of the school or “brick and mortar” training facility used by the school or instructor. Distance learning of any type may not be used in fulfilling the 100 hour requirement for I-ACT training. The 100 hour course may not be completed any faster than 10 days at the school or brick and mortar facility of the Instructor/School; or,

  • provide proof of a minimum of one year of practice with documentation of at least 100 colon hydrotherapy sessions (in the last year) – If the one year practice option is used, that person must attend an 8 hour (in the classroom) course put on by an I-ACT Instructor or I-ACT School and meet the prerequisite requirements listed above (prior to entering training).
  • Must be a Full I-ACT Member in good standing.
  • Must send your resume and proof of all related education; Seminars completed, degrees and experience in both practice and theory. (Copies Please).
  • Must send pictures of your facility showing: at a minimum, the waiting area, the Colon Hydrotherapy room (which has a picture of the equipment), and the bathroom, etc…
  • Must send a blank copy of your Health Questionnaire. (Intake Form)
  • Must carry Liability Insurance (if desired) / provide a copy of the policy front page (or a statement saying you do not wish to carry insurance).
  • Must do a 15 minute presentation on colon hydrotherapy during class.
  • Must pay for ($75.00 exam fee), take and pass an I-ACT Level 1 written exam.
  • Must submit the School / Instructor Critique Form.