Probiotic Implant

Functional gut health is a natural approach that aims to balance the body and reduce the many symptoms which originate in the gut by cleansing, balancing and restoring the digestive system and bowel. Those scientists and doctors who have done research on the best way to introduce gut flora, probiotics and friendly microbiome into the gut recommend probiotic enemas. The concept of strengthening the gut by introducing friendly microbiomes and good gut flora to achieve overall improvements in health has existed since the 1930s when a Japanese scientist called Dr. Minoru Shirota developed the first probiotic fermented drink known as "Yakult" and started to market it in Japan. Since then we have discovered more and more about the relevance of maintaining good gut health and the gut brain connection which links the bowel to mood.

Why You Need A Probiotic Enema Implant As Well As Oral Probiotics

"We often don't know if the probiotics (taken orally) are actually getting to the right place and changing microbial flora." (Manson .MD, 2018)
In a study carried out by Scientists at the University of London where they tested 8 well known probiotic drinks found in supermarkets and health shops to see whether products contained as many live bacteria as claimed on their labels and whether the bacteria survived in the stomach and if it then flourished in the gut, only one passed the test. (2018). The reason why oral probiotics sometimes don't reach the bowel intact is that they are digested and broken down by stomach acids.
That is why science is now beginning to realise that the best way to harness the benefits of introducing microbiomes is by probiotic enemas. Probiotics and prebiotic foods which we ingest such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi and other cultures are excellent for helping to maintain a healthy gut but when you need to get your gut balanced after extreme medication or ongoing exposure to antibiotics, consider going for the big guns. Introduce a course of probiotic enemas in tandem with the consumption of these foods. That is why probiotic enemas are a fundamental part of functional gut health.

Who Said Probiotic Enema Implants Are The Best Way To Introduce Gut Flora

According to Dr. David Perlmutter, who draws on key clinical and laboratory studies as well as remarkable results from doctors and patients in his best selling book Brain Maker, "the best way to restore gut flora is via a probiotic implant." But why do we need to do that in the first place? At some point in most peoples lives, they will have been exposed to or taken anti-biotics. This means gut flora is imbalanced. When you take an oral probiotic, some of it is lost due to the digestive system breaking it down. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we offer a programme designed to remove imbalanced gut flora such as Candida and replant healthy gut flora.That is why those who have studied the bowel and understand how microbiome grow recommend probiotic enema implants.


Week 1: Colonic + Probiotic Enema Implant- 1 hour 
Week 2: Colonic + Probiotic Enema Implant- - 1 hour 
Week 3: Colonic + Probiotic Enema Implant- - 1 hour


The basic thing to know about probiotics and microbiome good gut flora is that they must get into the gut (bowel) in order to do their job. Most probiotics are taken orally so they have a long journey to go. A long and arduous one. Why? Because the digestive system is designed to kill bacteria; good or bad. When probiotic cultures are introduced directly into the gut as is the case during Probiotic Enema Implants at Dublin Vitality Centres 3 Week Probiotic Implant Protocol To Balance Gut Flora (as outlined above), the microbiomes and friendly good gut flora have an increased opportunity to populate without being broken down by the digestive system, which happens when oral probiotics are consumed. Ideally, a probiotic implant is introduced after a session of colonic hydrotherapy. That's because a colonic can help remove excess imbalanced gut flora such as Candida. It is always recommended to take a course of oral probiotics to complement your treatment plan.


A probiotic enema implant is a liquid solution of live good gut flora microbiomes. It consists of the correct gut flora required to strenghten and replant the gut. After a session of colonic hydrotherapy where excess candida and bad gut flora is removed, a probioitc enema implant containing live microbiome is introduced directly into the bowel (gut) and held for a number of minutes. During this time, the liquid containing the microbiomes is absorbed by the bowel wall and the probiotic microbes are given an opportunity to populate in the bowel directly. This is a fundamental part of any functional gut health programme to balance gut flora at source.


Begin to introduce more pre-biotic foods into the diet to feed the new gut flora that will be planted by the probiotic implant. Prebiotic foods are kefir, kombucha, kimchi, yogurt and sauerkraut but be mindful that those pickled in vinegar are of little value. You must choose varieties containly live cultures. (If you see bubbles, you know the micro-organisms are alive. Better still, make your own. See recipe by downloading The Ultimate Guide To Functional Gut Health absolutely free at the bottom of this page). Think of prebiotic food as the plant feeding food that you might buy in the garden centre to help your house and garden plants grow. Prebiotic foods contain the nutrients that gut flora need to thrive on. Each too much at once though and you will experience cramps and tummy ache due to all those new live organisms growing and feeding in gu your gut. Prebiotic foods are the foods that your gut flora feeds upon. These include natural grains, fruit, veg and fermented foods such as kefir and apple cider vinegar. Fast for 2 hours in advance of a probiotic enema implant treatment. Avoid gym and alcohol post treatment. The following conditions are contraindicated for colonics and enemas.

  • Pregnancy in the past 6 months
  • Surgery in the past 6 months
  • Current pregnancy
  • Hernias
  • Bleeding
  • Cancer of the bowel

At Dublin Vitality Centre, our functional gut health programme are designed to get to the root cause of issues like imbalanced gut flora. We know know that balancing gut flora has an incredible benefit for your overall wellbeing as it reduces inflammation which has been proven to underpin many diseases including cancer. But there are many other areas where gut good health can help you to achieve optimal wellness. The following are said to be related to imbalanced gut flora:

  • Weak immune system
  • Skin Problems
  • Brain Fog
  • Alzheimer's
  • Weight Gain
  • Low Energy
  • Autism (in children)

If you wish to know more about how probiotic enema implants and prebiotic foods affect your body, please download the following.


If you are interested in reading more about Gut Health, we offer a FREE book by author and founder of Vitality Centre clinics, Frances Flannery. Lets Talk About Happiness - The Ultimate Guide To Gut Health - is for anyone who wishes to learn how this humble organ has a profound and major influence on overall health and is intrinsically linked to mood.