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Microneedling at Dublin Vitality Centre

Micro-Needling at Dublin Vitality Centre uses gut friendly plant based elements to improve acne scars, open pores and wrinkles whilst supporting your gut. What goes on your skin goes into your body. That is why Advanced Micro-needling at Dublin Vitality Centre, The Gut and Skin Clinic aims to target and improve acne scarring, open pores, and fine lines by combining the very latest dermal science technology with the most powerful plant based gut friendly bio-organic skin nutrients. Your microbiome and gut health massively impacts your skin and body. People are regularly prescribed antibiotics to treat a variety of conditions, but antibiotics kill a lot of the healthy bacteria that makes the microbiome strong. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we understand that the best skin improvements can only be achieved where there is a clear understanding of the complex link between gut wellness and skin intelligence. Hack your skins most advanced bio-smart dermal code by taking advantage of our advanced gut and skin programmes today.

Can you recommend a skin care plan?

Yes, at Dublin Vitality Centre, we can offer you a fully comprehensive skin plan. Perhaps you have tried topical products to improve acne, or psoriasis, but without success? Did you know that many of those conditions manifest in the gut? If you have acne, and want to begin microneedling treatment, it is necessary to wait until the acne has cleared. 

Can I have microneedling whilst I have acne, or spots?

Many clinics will turn you away if you have active acne. The will tell you to wait before treatment can be commenced. At Dublin Vitality Centre, our skin programmes start from the inside out. In fact, through advanced gut care protocols, it is possible to cleanse the skin and body, so that spots are no longer active, and microneedling can be initiated, often within weeks. If you have active acne, and are seeking a skin improvement plan, consider cleansing with colonics, and undergoing a food intolerance test. When the spots have cleared, we can begin micro-needling, and provide probiotics to ensure biosis and balance on your way to better, more beautiful, smoother skin. 

What else should I be doing along with microneedling to support skin improvements?

Our micro needling skin programmes include the option of gut friendly supplements and nutrient recommendations that have the potential to help your skin, your inner body, and create for you the results you wish to see in your skin. Combine a colonic  gut programme with microneedling to create a skin improvement plan that works from the inside out. 

This unique holistic approach to skin and gut care is just one of the factors that makes microneedling at Dublin Vitality Centre, The Gut and Skin Clinic  exceptionally successful.  At Dublin Vitality Centre, we have extensive gut and skin  knowledge; the precise expertise and experience in fact that you need to bring your skin into balance, and to see life-changing improvements. 


Thats because our skin needling protocols work in balance with your body and gut. Using natures most powerful elements, our skin programmes start from the inside and work symbiotically to restore balance, and homeostasis, and use only the most pure botanicals which are mixed bespoke to suit your skins exact requirements. 

Why are your skin programmes so successful?

Your skin is only a reflection of your inner body. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we understand this, and work with the intrinsic laws of gut science to manifest catalystic changes which have the potential to trigger dramatic dermal improvements.  Did you know that your skin microbiome is specific to you? Some microneedling treatments use harsh materials to get results. Toxins in plastics, harsh medicines, and chemical skin products influence the health of your gut, and your skin. By taking the link between gut and skin into account, it is possible to really alter your microneedling results. At Dublin Vitality Centre, our gut and skin protocols are dedicated to keeping your microbiome in tip-top shape. That is what makes microneedling at Dublin Vitality Centre an altogether more holistic, and  different experience.

What makes microneedling at Dublin Vitality Centre so effective?

At Dublin Vitality Centre, our microneedling protocols do not rely on harsh, excessive, painful proceedures which very often only exacerbate skin healing down-time and largely do nothing to speed up results. Instead, acne-scaring, open pore, and anti-aging skin needling programmes rely on highly specific rejuvenating microneedling, combined with gut-friendly, back-to-basics, no nonsense sound fundamentals of proven dermal skin microneedling to gently and progressive create within the skin dozens of tiny performations over the entire face. These healing sites are then fed with a bespoke mix of plant based materials which are pressed into the skin and absorbed through a process known as inunction. 

What products are used during micro-needling at Dublin Vitality Centre?

At Dublin Vitality Centre, gut friendly skin formulas are custom created and freshly mixed just for you using a unique recipe based on analysis of your skin. What goes on the skin really matters during microneedling because each and every one of the tiny perforations created by the process is like a tiny well which has the potential to carry helpful materials directly into your body. At Dublin Vitality Centre, the process of transdermal absorption – which happens during all microneedling treatments – is seen as a great opportunity for erudite introduction of compounded gut friendly materials which work symbiotically with your body and which aim to improve skin dramatically. 

How long has Dublin Vitality Centre been providing mirconeedling?

Being one of the first skin clinics in Ireland to offer advanced microneedling, Dublin Vitality Centre brings over a decades worth of experience to this advanced skin healing protocol. Practice, dedication, and commitment to results driven outcomes has led to a measured, and highly considered approach to the process, and also to the most advanced plant neutraceutical materials. Because we understand the complex link between the gut and the skin, we use only the most pure serums, and nutrients. A bespoke mix of plant based micro elements is brought into the skin during and after treatment. This ensure optimal gut protection, and skin restoration. Not all skin needling processes are alike. Some versions of the treatment rely on harsh products during skin needling; and introduce chemical skin products laden with heavy toxins which – in a bid to boost results – are simply too strong, and even destructive to the skin’s delicate microbiome environment. Remember, what you put on your skin – especially during microneedling – reaches your body where it has the potential to cause biosis or dysbiosis.

Why do you use only plant based bio organic materials during micronnedling at Dublin Vitality Centre?

When plant based skin serums infused with bio-active natural organic skin foods are pressed into the dermis post micro skin needing in a process called inunction,  the results are powerful. Our custom made skin botanicals are mixed freshly just for you. They contain only the most pure plant elements which aim to achieve biosis between the inner body, the gut, and the outer body. The bio-organic nutrients using during micro skin needling at Dublin Vitality Centre reach right into the core of the skin creating a healing response that is often quite remarkable. Even though you may have less downtime, less redness and less peeling, the results may be faster, more noticable, and very often life-changing.

There are many reasons why people today prefer microneedling over injectables, re-surfacing laser peels, and fillers. The most common of which is the fact that microneedling has the potential to offer life-changing improvements to scarring, open pores, and skin texture without the downtime and risks associated with surgical medical proceedures. But also, let it be remembered that microneedling, when used in combination with skin-affirming natural elements can enhance not only your skin, but also further biosis in your gut. At Dublin Vitality Centre, our aim is to ensure that what goes on your skin during microneedling works to enhance your entire system, including your gut, where many skin problems occur.

What is microneedling used for?

Microneedling at Dublin Vitality Centre is a progressive, non agressive skin protocol that , when done monthly for no less than three months, can greatly improve acne scars, open pores, and can also improve signs of aging.

Can I do microneedling at home?

No. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we have been providing micro skin needling for over 15 years. We are also trainers in this advanced skin treatment. Although it may appear simple, the process requires a practiced and skillful application and should never be attempted at home. The risk of sepsis is simply too great. But that is just one of many complications which could result from unprofessional usage at home.



We recommend that you book a skin assessment to determine exactly the skin package for your skin concern, however, the following is a popular skin plan outline for those who have fine lines.

To book a skin assessment, please book any skin treatment mentioned in the plan above. Then email us that you would like us to advise you of a course of action for your skin. We will do this at your first appointment with us.

At Vitality Centre, we offer two distinct forms of skin needling:

1. Microneedling – For Acne Scaring, Advanced Wrinkles, Open Pores

2. Nano Needling – For Prevention, Dehydrated or Dull Skin, For Younger Skin Concerns

Nano needling is used in combination with Vitamin A Retinaldehyde and other skin nutrients to gently and effectively enhance the appearance of the dermis where scarring and advanced wrinkles are not the main concern.


1. Level 1 – Light fine lines – Nano Needling
2. Level 2 – Fine lines and dehydration – Nano Needling
3. Level 3 – Fines lines, open pores, scaring
4. Level 4 – Deep Wrinkles or Scaring
5. Level 5 – Significant Deep Wrinkles and Sun Damage

Where skin shows signs of light aging, dehydration and modest open pores, nano skin needling is combined with Vitamin A Retinaldehyde Facial Infusions to effectively increase the delivery and effectiveness of the product within the dermis.


Nano Needling is carried out by a “pen like” device which is almost identical to a micro needling device. The main difference between the two treatments is that nano needling does not penetrate or pierce the skin or cause any bleeding. Instead it pushes the Vitamin A and other skin nutrients into the skin by way of a high speed vibration which is caused by blunt needles hitting off the surface of the skin at high speed and in rotation.

The treatment is pleasant and pain free. There is minimal downtime and make up can be applied after one hour.


If you are seeking a treatment which offers exceptional results with less downtime that traditional microneedling or if you do not have heavy scarring or wrinkling then nano needling is a perfect choice for you because it delivers incredible results and may be used as a preventative measure by packing the skin with nutrients so that free radicals and aging factors are negated.


  • Fine Lines
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Open Pores
  • Dull skin
  • Light aging
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Skin lacking elasticity
  • Free radicals that cause aging (prevention)


At Vitality Centre Nano Needling includes a facial therapy whereby natural minerals and vitamins are freshly mixed to suit your particular skin concern. These are gently layered and infused into your skin. Our our products are 100% organic, non tested on animals and contain only the best quality herbs and minerals. What makes our this process so special is that because of the vibrational effects of the nano-needling process, skin rejuvenating ingredients are sent 600% deeper into the dermis.