Younger Hands

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What Is The Best Treatment To Remove Age Spots From Hands?

We recommend that you book a skin assessment to determine exactly the skin package for your skin concern, however, the following is a popular skin plan which can dramatically improve the appearance of aged hands by increasing collagen and removing age spots.

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To book a skin assessment, please book any skin treatment mentioned in the plan above. Then email us that you would like us to advise you of a course of action for your skin. We will do this at your first appointment with us.

Age spots and pigmentation on the hands can dramatically add years to them. Hands work hard. They are exposed to detergents, weather, water much more than any other part of the body. Very often, we neglect to put sun protection factor on the hands. And whilst its now possible to turn back the hands of time on the face and body, aged hands can give the game away.


At Dublin Vitality Centre, we offer a "younger hands" programme designed to remove pigmentation, age spots and to boost collagen. The results is youthful hands over a course of a treatment.

IPL laser offers good excellent skin rejuvenation results to achieve younger looking hands. However it is not suitable for every skin type and a strict compliance protocol must be followed. The procedure is especially suitable for the following conditions. IPL laser is not recommended before during or after sun holidays which is why many people find it quite restrictive. However results are excellent and IPL laser skin rejuvenation continues to be one of the most popular treatments for those seeking younger looking skin and in particular to improve the appearance of the hands.

Consider 6 treatments of IPL laser.