Spider Nervi

Recommended Treatment Plan:

What Is The Best Skin Treatment For Spider Nervi?

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A spider nervi is a broken capillary that appears on the skins surface. Unlike the straight lines of ordinary broken veins, this type of broken capillary resembles a spider. It has a dot in the middle and it has "legs" extending from that spot.

Sometimes the spot in the middle is raised into a small sack of blood. This is known as a cherry angioma.

Spider Nervi

Spider nervi may result from an injury site or where glasses press off against the skin. Sometimes they appear after facial surgery or where some other trauma causes breaking of the vessel. Sometimes, they are hereditary and can also appear on other parts of the body too.

Cherry angioma and spider nervi can be effectively treated with diathermy. Aftercare Skin will appear red and the treated area my scab and flake a little. Please follow recommended aftercare.

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