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We recommend that you book a skin assessment to determine exactly the skin package for your skin concern, however, the following is a popular skin plan outline for those who have under eye bags caused by deep body toxins.

To book a skin assessment, please book any skin treatment mentioned in the plan above. Then email us that you would like us to advise you of a course of action for your skin. We will do this at your first appointment with us.

Deflate under eye bags by getting to the root causes of the issue. Splashing your face with cold water and applying cucumber may help reduce bags under the eyes but it will not achieve anything like the results that deep body liver cleansing can occur. That’s because under eye bags are caused by toxins and dehydration of the liver.

Did you ever notice that eye bags and dark circles are more pronounced after consuming alcohol. The more alcohol, the heavier the bags. That’s because the area under the eye is linked to the liver and kidney. If you suffer from under eye bags and dark circles, consider a course of colonic hydrotherapy and liver coffee enemas to improve the condition naturally.

At Dublin Vitality Centre, our programmes are designed to get to the root cause of issues like under eye bags. According to a new research a plan that cleanses the body and liver, hydrates the body main detox organs, removes toxins can dramatically improve the problem.Ā If you want to dramatically improve under eye bags and bring the sparkle back into your eyes and skin naturally, try the following gut health deep body cleansing protocol .

3 Week Liver Cleanse For Under Eye Bags

Week 1: Colonic + Liver Coffee Enema – 1 hour
Week 2: Colonic + Liver Coffee Enema – 1 hour
Week 3: Colonic + Liver Coffee Enema – 1 hour

Tips for dealing with eye bags short-term

Don’t apply concealer, as it will just accentuate the bags and remove salt from the diet.