Skin Tags

Recommended Treatment Plan:

What Is The Best Treatment To Remove Small Facial or Neck Skin Tags?

We recommend that you book a skin assessment to determine exactly the skin package for your skin concern, however, the following is a popular skin plan outline for those who wish to undergo minor skin tag removal with us.

skin Tag

To book a skin assessment, please book any skin treatment mentioned in the plan above. Then email us that you would like us to advise you of a course of action for your skin. We will do this at your first appointment with us.

Skin tags are small growths of skin that appear on of the face and body. They are very common on the neck area or where "friction rubbing" from clothes occurs regularly i.e. such as collars rubbing off against the neck. If you have a number of small skin tags on your face and neck, they can be treated with diathermy. This is a highly effective method of removing unwanted skin tags.

After treatment, the area may look a little red. The tag will dry and fall off after just a few days. On some occasions, a second treatment is required but this is rare.

The aim when removing skin tags is to cauterise the tag at the junction with the epidermis. The skin's appearance after treatment with short-wave diathermy will exhibit erythema (redness or swelling) in the area; this should disappear within a few days. Keep skin clean and soothing with a recommended skin product.

Please note that any skin tag that is larger than 0.5 cm will need to be surgically removed medically.

Book a treatment of diathermy today at Dublin Vitality Centre and enjoy an improved appearance of the skin.